Trendy Plus Size Summer Dresses

How to choose the best summer dress for plus size women?

If you are voluptuous and curvy, you need not worry because you can enjoy the beauty of summer dresses just like your modelesque contemporaries. Many companies, such as Forever 21, Lane Bryant and Macy’s have created plus size summer dresses which can accentuate your figure and hide your problem spots. Here are several tips which can help you pick the perfect frock for your shape.

Plus size maxi dresses

plus size long dresses

Dresses for Petite and curvy women

Pick a plus size summer dress with paisley designs or small prints. Avoid making the mistake of choosing a dress with big flowers as this can magnify your size.

cute plus size dress

While floor-length dresses are all the rage, go for frocks with above-knee lengths. This can help you balance out your figure, so you won’t look like a small, chubby girl covered in miles and miles of fabric.
Choose a V-neck dress to elongate your torso.

 Trendy plus size dresses for Tall and curvy

Buy a halter-style plus size summer dress because it can show off your beautiful arms and shoulders.

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Dresses that fit your chest and upper waist snugly are also good options, because they create a silhouette of a ‘tighter’ body. You can also go for a dress which hugs the curves of your best features (such as your hips or waist) so as to accentuate them.
Choose a  dress which will highlight your winning aspects. If you want to show your lovely bosoms, opt for a bandeau or halter-style summer frock.

Straight ‘bodies’

Chloe Marshall, beautiful dress for curvy women

Purchase an empire-waist plus size summer dress. Why? It hugs the curves of your bosoms, and conceals problem areas such as the tummy, waist, and hips.

Plus size dresses for women With big hips

Empire-waist plus size summer dresses will also work for women with big hips. The flowy design of this dress will help you hide your childbearing hips.

plus size maxi dress

Other tips for plus-sized ladies:

If you want to look your best, don’t hesitate to wear slimming undergarments such as girdles.

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Wear height-improving footwear (high heels) as often as possible. These sky-high shoes might be uncomfortable, but it elongates your legs, and makes you look taller and slimmer. If you can’t stand on stilettos all night long, the best alternative is wedge sandals.

Simple is great! Avoid the mistake of wearing clothes, bags and shoes with large and loud prints. Look sophisticated (and slimmer!) by wearing solid color shoes and bags.


Skip summer dresses  for curvy women with spaghetti straps as they can make your upper body look bigger.

Choose plus size summer dresses made of flowy fabric, instead of skin-hugging ones which will make you look heftier than usual.