Pool Party Fashion Must Haves

Summer is just right around the corner which means tons of pool parties are coming your way again! When thinking of what to wear to a pool party, do you like to put together something that screams ‘classy and high maintenance’ or do you go for the ‘fun and low key yet chic’ look? There’s really no right or wrong thing to wear to a pool party as long as you’re not bundling up in fall and winter pieces. However, it’s always nice to get an idea of what you could wear to look more fab and stylish at events like these. Though you’d most likely just be with your best pals, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your gorgeous best, right? Here are some pool party fashion must haves that are sure to make you the best dressed gal at any pool party.

  • A swimsuit that flatters your figure – we cannot emphasize this enough. When looking for a swimsuit to rock at a pool party, get one that flatters your figure and not just something that has a popular design.

pink stripes swimsuit cute yellow swimsuit

  • A gorgeous bandeau top – a bandeau top isn’t just for swimming, there are plenty of uses you can get out of it which makes it a pool party must have. If you have a cute muscle tee that needs something underneath, you can wear a bandeau top. If you want something easy to wear and lounge around in, a bandeau top would do nicely, too. What’s great about a bandeau top is that you can wear it with other outfits not necessarily for a pool party.

plain white bandeau top

  • A cute mini dress – just because it’s a pool party doesn’t mean you’ll come and go in a swimsuit so it would be great to have a cute mini dress to wear too.

pool party mesh dress

  • Sunglasses – they make you look cool but at the same time they protect your eyes from the harsh sun too. Sunglasses are one of the accessories that you must not miss when planning on what to wear or what to take to a pool party.

sunglasses and yellow jumpsuit

mirrored wayfarer glasses

  • Shorts – if you’re not a dress kind of girl, on the other hand, a great outfit alternative would be a cute top and shorts. Denim shorts are great but you can also go for other cute styles like lace ones for a flirtier look or cute ones that have fun prints on them.

chic summer outfit

  • Light cardigan – a light cardigan is another must have for pool parties. You can wear it on top of your dress or whatever it is that you’re wearing to the pool party when it starts to get chilly and it could also double as a swimsuit cover up when you just want to lounge around the pool and not get in the water.

cardigan cover up

  • Flip flops or sandals – though heels are fierce, they’re just not very practical for pool parties. Instead of heels, wear flip flops or flat sandals. They’re easy to take on and off and super easy to walk around in, too, as they won’t make you slip or anything.

gold flip flops cute sandals and shorts