Practical Tips for Shopping for Back to School Outfits

School is just right around the corner! Is your wardrobe ready yet? Girls like dressing up and everyone gets that but sometimes we tend to over think it when we go shopping for back to school outfits and we end up with items that aren’t really campus-friendly.

Back to school outfits don’t always have to be new altogether. You can still use some of the pieces you’ve had for summer and spruce them up to add a cool twist for a nice back to school outfit. If you are buying brand new items, these should be items that you can use all throughout fall and possible even those that could transition down to winter.

emma watson back to school outfit

teen back to school outfit

Stock up on clothing items that you can use all year round like jeans and shirts. These are the very plain and basic clothing items that you should have in your closet for school. If your school has a dress code, make sure that your back to school outfits comply. This means you may not be able to but tattered jeans and racy tops.


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sophisticated back to school outfit

If your school does allow girls to wear shorts, make sure to buy those that aren’t too short. Remember that you’re going to school and not to another party, you’ve had enough of those. Also make sure that your shorts look decent so no to tight-fitting ones that give you camel toes.

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Dresses should be kept young and fun. Leave the sexy, short dresses to the adults and have fun dressing up in dresses that are appropriate for your age. Preferably, buy dresses that fall no higher than 2 inches above the knee.

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gorgeous back to school outfit

Now on to the essentials: jackets and cardigans. It may not feel like it yet but it’s about to get chilly soon so make sure you have something in your closet to keep you warm and cozy. Knit jackets look chic when worn with dresses and denim jackets never go out of style. For shoes, flats are much more practical and comfortable though there’s nothing wrong with picking up a pair or two of fantastic heels for special school events and stuff. Get a good pair of boots as well.

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If you still have some money left from all the shopping, go ahead and treat yourself to some chic anf gorgeous accessories but be sure to get the ones that you’ll be able to use like scarves, purses and the like. You can always use the jewelry you already have so get the useful ones first before the ones that are just to pretty things up.

nice back to school outfit

Loose sweater, ripped light wash jeans, and softly curled hair

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