Pre-Fall 2015 Trends You Can Wear Right Now

So what exactly is “pre-fall”? Pre-fall is one of the two seasonlets, a quick addition to the two major seasons in the fashion calendar, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The other seasonlet is the Resort or Cruise. These baby seasons composing of collections in smaller scales are not just created to satisfy the consumer or retail need but they also give insights as to what the designers are incorporating to their major collections.

This year, the runways have been teeming with nostalgia for the ’70s. Of course, the pre-fall collection is not an exception. During the spring/summer collections, there has been an abundance of flares and fringes, suede and sandals, laces and leather…you get the drift. It’s all over the runways and streets, inside boutiques, and, of course, throughout the fashion corner of the wide Internet. Pre-fall is going to the same route, too. And it doesn’t hurt to know the trends either way, right? So here are the Pre-Fall 2015 trends that you can readily try right now.

  • Window Check – Yes, the basic plaids are absolutely adorable and an imperative part of your wardrobe. But this two-colored window check or tile prints has a certain polished and neat look to them that makes the garment wearable to formal and semi-formal events–where plaids are not considered.
    window check shirt
    window check pants
  • Camel – The greatest thing about camel-colored garments is how it’s so beautifully versatile. Its versatility, though, is not the same level as denim. Even more, I don’t think the versatility of this certain color is on the same plane as denim blue. Camel can be worn to any place at any events and it will look great. It’s so versatile, it’s like a camouflaging color. You can pair it with neutral colors or bright ones.
    camel pants and birght red shoes
    camel monochromatic outfit
  • Pleated Skirts – Pleated skirts has always been attached to preppy or athletic style. But you can create an elegant look with them already. Get a skirt that’s in a dark shade of a certain color. Preferably, something glossy but that’s not necessary. With so much vertical line going on with the skirt, it’s really flattering to anyone. Particularly, it will make petite ladies look taller and slimmer.
    burgundy pleated skirt
    elegant green pleated skirt
  • Calf-length skirts – Calf-length skirts lies between midi and maxi skirts. It is way below the knee but shows enough of your ankle to not be considered as maxi. There is a certain touch of femininity to this skirt length and it is also definitely wearable during the colder seasons.
    calf length green skirt
    calf length printed skirt
  • Flared Pants – There’s no question of the rise of popularity of this ’70s pants silhouette. And since you will have such a sleek and smooth bottom half of the outfit, you’d want to add a little texture to your top half. 
    flared pants and knitted sweater
    flared pants and plush coat
  • Leather Dresses – During the days when summer starts to fade away and fall is incoming, a leather dress will give such a good statement to your outfit and will also help in warming you up during the unusual cold summer weather. It’s better to stick with dresses in simple tailoring details and design since the material could already speak for itself.
    black leather dress
    leather dress over shirt
  • Drug Rug Coats – This retro Mexican prints is a wonderful geometric alternative. Add to that, the tribal accent on the print. Drug rug will definitely be a great piece to your fall outfit.
    baja hoodie
    drug rug sweater
  • Laced-up Oxford Heels – I have a serious personal love for oxford pumps. Singer and street style muse, Taylor Swift has also been found incorporating a few pairs into her outfits. And why not? Oxford pumps are classy shoes and is such a great shoe to pair to anything. But most likely, girly and classy ensembles.
    black and white oxford pumps taylor swift
    oxford laced up heels