Pretty and Smart Casual Dresses

Casual dresses emphasize personal expression as well as comfort. If we talk about casual dress, it is really difficult to define it because of a wide variety of casual styles. If we mean causal, it is easier to describe what it is not than what casual is. Casual dresses do not include ceremonial dresses, business attires, and formal wear, but anything aside these dress codes. Shirts and jeans may be considered casual, but most casual attires for women include casual dresses. Casual dresses can also be long or short depending on your style. The key to casual dresses for women is to accessories a little to make the look lighter and more natural.

The following are the smart and pretty women’s casual dresses:

The Posh Spice is seen using casual wear most of time when hitting the stores. These casual dresses are very smart and in fact don’t need any other accessories. Match these dresses with your favorite sandals or boots for a perfect casual look.

Casual dress

Smart causal dresses are best for office attires or an informal meeting with your co-workers. This long-sleeved, smart causal dress matched with a casual belt gives you a perfect working girl look.

Smart casual dress

Smart casual dresses may also mean this pretty overlapping red dress perfect for fair-skinned girls. Walk down the streets with this casual dress and paint the town red with a blooming look.

Casual dresses

Girl’s casual dresses also include these breathable Bohemian and floral-inspired dress designs. These designs are perfect for going out under the sun.

Summer Casual dresses

Stripes is also a good design for casual dresses. Choose horizontal prints if you are skinny and vertical prints if you are a little bit large to create an illusion that you are sexier in appearance.

Stripes Casual dresses

Women looking for casual dresses usually find pastel-colored dresses perfect for a lighter look. Choose the colors you are comfortable with and match them with your favorite pumps.

Pastel casual dresses

If you need to go out in a casual look, but don’t have time to choose among a wide set of casual clothes, this chiffon dress with a garter waist gives you a faultless casual look. Match with a simple necklace to highlight your look.

Chiffon Casual dress

For events that require a casual, yet elegant look such as casual weddings, these dresses gives you an impeccable combination of elegance and natural expression.

Pretty Casual dresses

A casual dress doesn’t need to be short all the time so long casual dresses may also be a good option. You can pair your long casual dress with a pretty top and a simple footwear.

Pretty casual dress

You cans also wear your long black dress alone for a refreshing look.

Long casual dress

Never ran out of casual dresses because these can be your outfit for regular days. Instead of using jeans and shirts more often, why not wear one of these pretty wardrobes.