Pretty Ways to Wear a Sun Hat

Sun hats are not only meant to protect your hair from the sun. They are meant to complete your outfit as well and make it look really fab. I have a few sun hats that I love wearing with my spring and summer outfits though I must admit that I tend to wear them more during the summer time just because the sun is always in full blast more often. If you love spending your summer days outdoors, you might want to consider getting yourself a few couple of sun hats. They’re always worth buying and they make great additions to your arsenal of chic accessories. Check out these pretty ways to wear a sun hat.

  • Floppy and oversized – one of the most popular ways that I’ve been seeing a lot of fashionistas wear their sun hats lately is floppy and oversized and often tilted more towards one side than the other. It’s a very chic and sophisticated way to style a pretty sun hat if you’re wearing it with a girly dress or something fancy and dressy like a romper or a jumpsuit. If you’re a newbie to the whole sun hat thing, this is one of the best ways to style your hat since it’s proven to be foolproof and always give you a stylish look.

cute sun hat black oversized sunhat

  • In neutral colors – another really timeless way to wear a sun hat is to pick one in a neutral color. This will ensure you that even if you only have one sun hat, you can wear it with just about any outfit you can pull off with whatever is in your closet. Black is a great color to start with but it can look to autumn-ish / winter-y at times so try going for lighter colors if you’re buying a sun hat for summer.

white and navy sun hat

brown neutral sun hat

  • With a ribbon – got a sun hat that’s too plain and simple? If taking the minimalist approach isn’t a viable option for the look you’re going for, you can always add more sass and style to your sun hat by tying a colorful little ribbon around it. You can also use your scarves with interesting prints and patterns for this trick. That little pop of color from your ribbon / scarf really livens up the hat and the whole outfit in general.

straw hat and ribbon trim straw hat woven

  • Embellished – wearing your sunhat to a wedding or another dressy and fancy event? Why not make it a conversation started by adorning it and embellishing it with dainty little trinkets? This look is super fancy it makes your sun hat look almost like a fascinator. You can buy embellished sun hats but if you’re on a tight budget, you can always make one yourself.

embellished sun hat fancy sun hat

  • With bright colors and fun prints – another way to perk up a rather plain outfit is to wear a sun hat that features bright colors and / or fun prints. If you’re not a fan of and get bored easily by simple neutral colors, scour the shelves and peruse the racks for a sun hat that’s fun, quirky and cute. It’s a great way to add life to any outfit.

sun hat with bow colorful sun hat