Pretty Ways to Wear a Peasant Top

The peasant top is a great piece to have in your wardrobe if you’re someone who likes clothes that are simple, easy and relaxed with a chic casual vibe. A peasant top can qualify as a ‘Boho’ style of clothing item but it can be worn with other pieces to create other looks as well. Peasant tops are non-restricting which means you get to freely move around in them with no problem at all. They’re perfect for hot days when you don’t want anything too tight or anything that might cling and stick to your skin when you sweat. Here are some pretty ways to wear a peasant top.

  • Embroidered Bohemian – as stated above, the peasant top can qualify as a Boho style of clothing because of its casual and laidback qualities. If you’re planning on doing a Bohemian chic kind of look, I would suggest you go for embroidered peasant tops. These peasant tops often have lovely intricate embroidery on them that would give your overall look a more ‘hippie’ feel. You’ll find that embroidered peasant tops are often detailed using many different thread colors but if you want a simple, minimalist look, you can also look for those with monochromatic embroidery.

embroidered top embroidered

  • Plain casual – if, on the other hand, the Boho look just isn’t your thing, you can still wear a peasant top and create a totally different look. if you want to get a simple casual look, opt for a plain peasant top with not much embroidery / details whatsoever and wear it with just jeans or shorts. This is a great off-duty look you can wear on lazy days when you just want to spend a hot day out and about.

plain casual


  • Printed pretty – another way to wear peasant tops is to wear them printed. Printed peasant tops are great if you’re looking for a more modern, up to date look. You can find printed peasant tops in almost any kind of print, from flirty florals to quirky mustaches. Printed peasant tops are much easier to wear since you can conveniently treat them like any regular top to go with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

printed printed top

  • Flirty off the shoulder – want a flirty fun way to wear the rather conservative peasant top? Try going for one that goes off the shoulder. It’s a really girly and flirty way to wear a peasant top and it’s a refreshing take on the conventional piece. Make sure you don’t wear anything else revealing like a mini skirt so you don’t risk ending up with a racy look. With an off the shoulder top peasant top, you just want a fresh, cutesy and playful kind of look.

off the shoulder off the shoulder peasant top

  • Beach babe cover up – lastly, if you’re looking for a way to wear your peasant top the non-conventional way, opt for a sheer one and use it as a cover up for the beach. This is the perfect way to wear your peasant top if you’re planning on going for a springtime dip, be it at the pool or the beach. It’s a really easy look to pull off and it’s quite laidback, chic and relaxed, too, which is perfect for just lounging around.

cover up coverup