Quirky Prints to Wear for a Fun Outfit

Prints and patterns can make any piece in your outfit more fun and interesting. They also add details to your outfit to make it more exciting. Whether it’s on your top, your pants, blazer, jacket, cardigan shoes or accessory, wearing prints is a surefire way to liven up any look. Printed pieces are often worn and anchored to plain pieces. One trend that takes prints and patterns to a whole other level, though, is the print on print trend where printed pieces are worn with other pieces that have a different kinds of print (e.g., floral and stripes, polka dots and chevron, etc). If you’re looking for unique prints to try on, check out these quirky prints that you can wear to create a fun-filled outfit.

  • Lip print – lip prints are fun and unique. Having them on any piece in your outfit can make it look like someone just showered you with kisses until you were fully covered with kiss marks. I like how this print style can be so sexy yet so whimsical at the same time. Just for fun, try to match the lip color on your lip printed piece with your lipstick color!

pink lips jumper lip printed coat

  • Mustache print – this has been such a popular icon lately, you’d see it not only printed on clothes and accessories but also as all sorts of other things. Mustache earrings, mustache rings, mustached necklace charms, mustache everything! The mustache print is undeniably one of the most popular quirky prints you can get your hands on and it’s one of the cutest, too!

classic mustache tee

crazy mustache print shirt

  • Animal silhouette prints – I just wanted to be more specific and say that it’s animal silhouette prints we’re talking about here and not the regular animal prints (cheetah, tiger, zebra, etc). Animal silhouette prints are super fun and playful. They’re great if you want to give your outfit an easy, casual, street style vibe.

black and white bird dress cute horse print dress

  • Newspaper print – who would want to look like they’re wearing newspapers? Well, those who like making bold statements with their outfits, apparently. That’s who. To some, wearing newspaper printed clothing items or even accessories may seem weird but it sure has been the craze in fashion at one point (thanks to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City) and some fashionistas still love rocking it today!

newspaper print skirt corset top with newspaper print

  • Cartoon print – there’s just something about pieces that have cartoons printed on them that appeal to the majority of us. Maybe it’s because it reminds us of our childhood days or maybe it’s just because cartoons are super fun and irresistible in general. Cartoon printed pieces are great if you’re looking for pieces you can wear with a laidback feel. It’s also a great way to look amazingly cute and dorky (in a good way) at the same time.

vintage mickey mouse shirt cute korean cartoon shirt

  • Smiley face prints / emoticon prints – need something to cheer you up on a gloomy day? Wear a piece of clothing item or carry an accessory that has smiley face prints all over it and you’re sure to smile whenever you see yourself in the mirror. They may not be the sexiest, fiercest, boldest print you can get your hands on but they’re definitely adorable and amusingly silly (again, in a good way).

knitted smiley jumper neon pink smiley sweater