Retro Sunglasses for a Classic Look

Retro sunglasses are timeless and very classy. With the number of sun glass designs now, getting a vintage inspired eye wear makes you stand out as fashionable and classy. Well, getting retro inspired apparel can be very chic so you must pair these timeless clothes with equally gorgeous shades. Retro sunglasses for women are timeless pieces that you can even use in the future saving you money from buying new shades with new designs.

Since retro style sunglasses are very classy, most women have one of these cool retro sunglasses that make you stand out from the crowd. Also, there are a lot of retro inspired women that we can see now because of the sunglasses being very timelessly beautiful.

Vintage retro sunglasses can be used to complement your current fashion style or they can be used to create a unique fashion statement during this modern era. Super retro sunglasses have evolved from time and there are various retro styles that we can see today.

By far, the most popular retro inspired eye wear is the aviator sunglasses. The teardrop lenses as well as the thin metal bridge make aviator glasses appealing to women. Also, aviator glasses are very sexy to use.

Retro aviator sunglasses

Next to the aviator glasses are the wayfarer sunglasses. These semi-square sunglasses with two screws on the upper corners are unisex so men and women can wear the same shades. Wayfarer sunglasses are also timeless and until now, women love to wear them.

Retro sunglasses for celebrities

Lady Gaga and her stylish Wayfarer sunglasses

Retro sunglasses

During the 1950s, thicker frames were very popular and now, these thick framed glasses are still very in. These thick frames glasses also have wider frame designs to make your eyes and the areas around your eyes covered making your face smaller.

Wide framed retro sunglasses

The Olsen twins wear a round wide framed retro sunglasses

Wide round retro sunglasses

Along with thick framed sunglasses is the birth of the cat’s eye sunglasses. Celebrities love cat sunglasses because of the feminine and very stylish design of the frame.

retro cat eye sunglasses

Dakota Fanning was spotted using cat’s eye sunglasses as she gets out of the gym

Dakota Fanning Retro sunglasses

Round frames are also very retro in design, but keeps getting bought by celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Round retro sunglasses

Now, colored retro sunglasses are still very popular for that funky look. Retro colors include red, purple, blue and even stripes and polka dot prints on the frames.

Colored retro Sunglasses

Speaking of retro, this vintage sunglasses with unique design complements your casual outfit very well.

retro shades

Retro sunglasses can be expensive especially if you get designer retro shades; however, you can still look stylish and classy by getting one of these retro glasses from wholesale sunglasses shops.