Scarf Outfit Ideas for Fall

Fall is here again and that means it’s time to update our wardrobes to prepare for the coming colder days. Get your fall essentials out including your favorite sweatshirts, jackets, coats, blazer, boots, and of course, your scarves! Scarves may seem like such a small addition to an outfit but it really does a lot to make your outfits look so much better, not to mention that it also makes you feel warmer. If you’re still clueless as to what scarf outfit to wear this fall, here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Silk scarf and leggings or jeans – this scarf outfit combination is so gorgeous. The combination of leggings or jeans, which are usually worn with casual outfits, and silk, which is a more rich and luxurious fabric material, make for a well-balanced pairing. Silk adds an aura of sophistication to what could simply have been a very ordinary and plain ensemble. A plain shirt and a pair of fabulous heels are the best things that could go with this outfit.

silk scarf and leggigs silk scarf and jeans silk scarf

  • Tight sweater and a wool scarf – not everyone is comfortable with adding so much bulk to their looks during fall because of big, chunky sweaters but the need to stay warm can’t be ignored. To solve this problem, you can wear a nicely tight fitting sweater, some leggings or jeans and boots and simply throw on a thick wool scarf for warmth. This scarf outfit combination won’t cover up your sexy curves and neither will it leave  you freezing from the cold.

wool scarf outfit wool scarf

  • Dressy scarves with evening wear – if you’re going to a party and the dress code requires something more formal like an evening gown, don’t hassle yourself looking for one that’s going to keep you warm by itself because chances are that you won’t find any. Instead, wear even your best evening dress, even if it means leaving some skin bare and just rely on your scarf for warmth. Go for a dressier scarf with elegant details like sequins and beads or glitters to go well with your glamorous outfit.

evening dress and scarf luxe scarf and dress beaded scarf

  • Fringe scarf to remind your of summer – sometimes when it gets real cold, a warm little memory from the fun and hot summer days could warm you up, too. Remember summer days by wearing fringe scarves with your outfit. You can wear it with just about any casual outfit combination that you can come up with..

 fringe chunky scarf fringe scarf