Sexy Spiked Heels

I’ve seen spiked heels on the red carpet recently and just adore how they look! I love feminine details mixed with edgy pieces. Spiked heels are a great accessory that can easily be worn day and night. The spikes are such a minor detail, they can go from the office to cocktail hour without any problem.

There are really no rigid standards as it relates to spiked heels. You can wear these with a variety of formal and casual outfits and this depends on your preferences and the occasion.

spike heel less


Spiked heels are beautiful to wear and they make a wonderful fashion statement. With spiked heels, you’ll look confident and sexy, and you’ll have the attention of those around you. Because there are so many types of spiked heels, you’ll have a never-ending supply of spiked heels to buy and wear for the next few weeks.


One thing I like to wear with my spiked heels are skinny jeans. These jeans complement spiked heels well, and I like to wear a nice dress top with the jeans and spiked heels.

spike heels red pants

There are times when flats or tennis shoes just won’t work with my outfit, and when I dress up my jeans, I’ll put on the spiked heels. Spiked heels add a nice dimension to the jeans and these heels also give me a sophisticated style.

skinny jeans and spikes

Wrap dresses are also nice to wear with spiked heels because they add some flair to the dress. A few of my friends also love to wear spiked heels with their wrap dresses.

sexy spiked heels

Wrap dresses and spiked heels look fantastic together and it takes the boredom out of our wardrobes. When purchasing spiked heels for your wrap dresses, look for heels which complement your dress.

wrap dresses and spiked heels

Spiked heels also look nice with short skirts and mini dresses because they make you look very sexy. If you’re not sure which types of spiked heels look great with short skirts or mini dresses, read some fashion magazines and talk to friends who wear spiked heels and get their suggestions on how to wear spiked heels with these dresses.

what to wear with spiked heels

Another thing to wear with spiked heels is formal dresses. The heels look fantastic because they add height to your dress and you appear confident in these spiked heels.


When you wear spiked heels with formal dresses, you add confidence to your look and people will ask about these shoes depending on the style and designer.

spike heels formal attire

In some cases, you can wear spiked heels with dress pants for work, but the pants need to be ankle-length in order for the spiked heels to look good on you. If you’re wearing these spiked heels to work, choose some colors such as black, navy, brown, beige or white

formal spike heels look