Shine like Diamonds with Rhinestone Earrings

Rhinestones are diamond stimulants made from less expensive items compared to diamonds. As a diamond stimulant, rhinestones look exactly like diamonds, but are considerably cheaper than the women’s favorite gem. Since rhinestones are excellent diamond substitutes, they are perfect for jewelries such as earrings. Rhinestone earrings can actually give you the exact brilliance in diamond earrings in cheaper prices so if you want to get a rhinestone earring set or are considering buying a gift for someone, these rhinestone earrings are very striking:

This rhinestone hoop earrings with butterfly at the center is very pretty for young ladies. It combines the elegance of rhinestones and fun designs for a lighter jewelry experience. Use this with a casual outfit or formal ones.

Butterfly rhinestone earrings

Cross jewelries ate very popular. Get a cross earrings with rhinestone studs for a classical jewelry collection.Rhinestone Cross Earrings

Rhinestone dangle earrings are also very sexy and pretty. The dazzling jewel looks very stunning in a dangle earrings such as this one.

Rhinestone dangle earrings

Marilyn Monroe is very fond of using rhinestone jewelries. Here, she wears simple rhinestone drop earrings to match her black outfit.
Rhinestone dangling earrings

Speaking of drop earrings, this tear drop earrings with rhinestone studs sparkles with glamour. The teardrop rhinestones is very attractive and the dangle adds equal beauty to  the set.

Rhinestone Drop Earrings

You can also get this magnificent rhinestone chandelier earrings for that special occasion. The design is superb and the mini rhinestone studs compliment the silver outline for that shining look.

Rhinestone earrings

Another great choice is this rhinestone hoop earrings. The large hoop earrings is really very gorgeous and sexy plus the rhinestones adds sparkle for a more glamorous look.

Rhinestone hoop earrings

They say simplicity is beauty so is this simple, yet stunning rhinestone earrings with pearl at the tip. If you want a simple jewelry, but elegant, this combination of rhinestone and pearl is perfect. Rhinestone pearl earrings

If we talk about rhinestone earrings, stud earrings are not inferior. Stud earrings look best with dazzling diamonds and rhinestones so get one like this for yourself.

Rhinestone stud earrings

If you want vintage earrings, this earrings with rhinestone dangles is very stylish. The small and large rhinestones adds glamour to the otherwise simple vintage design.

Vintage rhinestone earring

Rhinestones may be less glamorous than diamonds, but who would know you are using less expensive stones with these earrings when they look equally stunning?