Shoes to Get You Ready for Spring Showers

Though spring promises of warm temps and beautiful sunshine, you can’t always expect a good day during this season. Along with the spring sunshine and the lovely spring weather comes, of course, some spring shower because, you know what they say: “spring showers bring May flowers” so try not to be too upset when we get a little rain every now and then. The good thing about spring showers, though, is that they aren’t very strong and they don’t bring very gusty winds either but just a little drizzle to cool the earth down. What we don’t like about spring showers, on the other hand, is that we don’t get to wear fabulous heels because the roads are just too slippery to walk on. But don’t fret! You can still wear beautiful shoes even when the weather is a little gloomy. Check out these shoes to get you ready for spring showers.

  • Rain boots – obviously the first choice of footwear for the rainy days, rain boots are perfect to wear if you’re anticipating spring showers. Gone are the days when rain boots were only available in limited colors like black, white and brown and when they were made only with the purpose of protecting your feet from the rain. Today, rain boots are not just for protecting your feet and legs from the rain, they’re made to be a fashion statement as well with the Hunter brand of boots making rain boots in colors, prints and patterns so you’re sure to find one (or more) that will match your spring wardrobe.

red rain bootscute pink rain boots

  • Wedge – if you’re petite and you’re height depends on heels, don’t be sad that you can’t wear them when the spring showers come. You can always boost your height by wearing wedges when the road is too wet to walk on with heels. Wedges are much more stable than heels and they offer more support too so you’re less likely to slip if the road is wet yet you get to add a few inches to your height, just like when wearing slinky heels.

black wedge for spring

fab straw wedge

  • Sneakers – another great choice of footwear to go for when the spring showers come is a pair of sneakers. We love sneakers because they’re super comfy and you can literally walk around in them all day without blisters or foot strain. You can wear sneakers if you’re wearing something easy and casual like t-shirt and jeans or you can also wear them if you’re feeling a little sporty for the day. Sneakers are also great if you want to dress down a rather girly outfit like a maxi dress or a skirt.

yellow converse shoes purple sneaker wedge

  • Leather boots – if you want a sleeker alternative to rain boots, wear leather boots instead. They’re waterproof so they’re sure to keep your legs and your feet warm and dry and you can wear them for your outfits that require more posh footwear.

leather thigh high boots studded leather boots

  • Ankle boots – if you don’t want something too warm like rain boots or leather boots, though, and you just want to keep your feet warm and dry, go for ankle boots instead. They’re perfect if you’re going out after the showers have passed and you just don’t want your feet to get wet in case you step in a puddle.

brown suede ankle boots chunky heeled ankle boots