10 Awesome Ways To Wear Flat Mules

The spring seasons of recent years have been abundant with diverse and wonderfully nostalgic pieces, particularly in the footwear area. This year’s spring, the limelight is neither owned by pool side rubber sandals, Birks, or our trusty sneaks. The time is high for flat mules this spring and the entire fashion world is going crazy about it.

Mules has made its grand sartorial comeback last year. But its version as the flat mules with backless design is what made everyone in the fashion industry jump to buy their selves a pair. Backless flat mules are a heaven for tyhose who are aiming for a lowkey and casual look all throughout this spring.

Here are 10 awesome ways to wear flat mules this season.

1. As most airport looks go, style and comfort are two very essential characteristics for your airport style outfit. Flat mules is a great footwear for an airport style look. It’s comfortable yet has a posh finish to it, especially when it is made of classic leather.

airport style flat mules

2. Flat mules is also a good shoes to wear for a business casual look or whenever you have a semi-formal meeting or event to attend to. Black leather is a timeless flat mules textile and adds the ounce of sleekness that the semi-formal outfit needs.

business casual flat mules

3. Flat mules is also a great footwear for androgynous looks. There is a sense of gender fluidity that’s happening with simple solid colored flat mules that makes them wearable for a ladylike and androgynous attire.

coat and flat mules

4. As mentioned above, flat mules, especially those that are simple in design and solid in color, are very flexible and not gender-specified. So you can wear a dress with lace details and incorporate your flat mules and it’ll look good.

dress and flat mules

5. A typical street style outfit will, with no question, look great with flat mules too. I would suggest looking for something that screams street chic.

flat mules and denim jacket

6. When there are slight drizzles during the spring time or the weather and the temperature drops or maybe just feeling in the mood for some Parisian dressing-up and you want to wear a classic camel trench coat, you can always use flat mules as an amazing alternative for flats.

flat mules and trench coat

7. Create a wonderful combination of girly and casually comfy look by wearing lace top and a khaki pants. To add to the posh and easy-going effect, wear a pair of flat mules of your choice.

lace tops and flat mules

8. Play up with the sleekness of your flat mules by wearing fashion pieces that are usually worn to create a ragged look. Examples of these pieces are ripped jeans, muscle tank that are ripped around the sleeves’ holes, and leather jackets.

ripped jeans and flat mules

9. Flat mules are also great shoes to wear for a sloppy chic ensemble just like the Olsens do. Flat mules are, as mentioned above, a very sturdy and well-structured shoes. And wearing such footwear will help in balancing out what would have been an overwhelming amount of looseness to your look.

flat mules sloppy chic

10. Wear your flat mules with a pair of shorts and a slim-fit long sleeve top for a preppy and cute attire that’s perfect for casual strolls, especially when you’re on vacation.

shorts and flat mules