10 Great Street Style Looks For Slip On Sneakers

Sneakers is a footwear that doesn’t get that much attention in the fashion industry. Particularly, sneakers seldom gets a nod from the high fashion folks. But following Karl Lagerfield’s Chanel couture sneakers last year and Alexander Mcqueen’s highly accepted and beloved platform sneakers in his Spring/ Summer 2015 collection, sneakers has certainly been given a certain facelift.

Now, there are a wide range of sophisticated sneakers that you can choose from. Such sneakers are wearable to both formal and casual events. A great example of this is the slip on sneakers. These sneakers look like loafers in a sense that you can just slip it on. Slip on sneakers are simple in their design and can be worn in many occasions. Here are 10 great street style looks for slip on sneakers.

1. Slip on sneakers are the sleeker versions of your typical sneakers. Go for a casual yet sleek look with garments with clean tailoring.


black slip on sneakers

2. Unlike the typical sneaks, it is very easy to pull off the minimalist look with slip on sneakers. You can nail the classic minimalist black and white color combo just as fine with a basic white sneakers.

slip on sneakers in outre

3. Achieve the model off duty look in an all-black outfit easy peasy with a platform slip on sneakers. For more on model off duty look, click here.

platform slip on sneakers

4. Want to be laid back and not stress about what to wear but still look stylish? Well, other than our guide for the laid back style, with slip on sneakers and a simple oversized shirt, you’ll be able to achieve just so.

blue slip on sneakers

5. You can also wear slip on sneakers with dresses for a semi-formal ensemble. This particular look is perfect for brunch and even to work if your workplace has a less strict dress code.

printed slip on sneakers

6. You could just be wearing some basic pieces in a simple everyday outfit and your slip on sneakers could provide that pop of color that your basic outfit needs.

red slip on sneakers

7. Create an edgy look with oversized jackets and ripped jeans and your slip on sneakers will fit in with the outfit just fine.

slip on sneakers in all black

8. Sometimes all you need is one piece of your attire to create a statement. Wear a statement animal print slip on sneakers in an all neutral colors outfit and let your slip on sneakers do the talking.

slip on sneakers animal print

9. Do you want to go comfortable in your office? Dress up in your usual office attire and pair that down with a pair of dressy slip on sneakers for a great combination of work-appropriate and comfort.

slip on sneakers office

10. The great thing about slip on sneakers, really, is that it serves as this blank canvas that you’ll be able to throw in whatever style and it will still harmonize well with the outfit. Here, you have the slip on sneaker in a preppy look that’s just so on point.

slip on sneakers preppy