4 Fall Shoes to Invest In

Let’s face it, times are getting harder and rougher by the day and every time we spend good, hard-earned money, we want it to go to something that we can get the most out of, be it a car, a house, gadgets or furniture and so should the case be when it comes to shopping for clothes and shoes. Shoes may be portrayed by some as a luxurious obsession but the truth is that they’re a necessity just like food, shelter and clothes. Shoes keep your feet clean and warm, especially during colder days like fall.

This fall and every fall, for that matter, shoes like boots and flats are very popular and convenient so getting these pieces are fool-proof.  If you want to survive fall with just a couple of few pairs (to avoid having to deal with the trouble of deciding which pair to wear, or for whatever other reasons you may have), invest in fall shoes that you can live in for the whole season and maybe even until winter. Here are a few tips on choosing fall shoes that you can invest your money on:

For early to mid-fall:

  • Flats – a good pair of flats is a good investment as they can be worn not only during fall but all year round. Flats are a great way to give yourself a break from all the tip-toeing you do when wearing heels and wedges. If you want a pair of flats specifically for fall, you can opt for darker colors and hues like black, grey, brown and navy. Metallic flats are also good if you want to break away from the neutral staples.

t strap flats

fall flats

  • Pumps – for those days when you want or need to dress up little, pumps are the perfect pair of fall shoes to put your money in. Since fall can be a wet season, try getting pumps that have lower heels to avoid mishaps. There are different styles of pumps if you already have the classic one. Mary Janes, open toes, and sling backs are great alternatives.

fall pumps

fall pumps

For mid- to late fall

  • Boots – when the temperature starts to drop and it starts to get wet, a good pair of boots will help keep you warm and dry. Ankle boots are great with pants or leggings while knee- or thigh-high boot will provide you extra warmth when you have to go out in a dress or skirt. If you have extra cash, invest in rain boots so you can save all your other shoes from being wet.

low heel boots

hunter rain boots

low heel ankle boots

  • Wedges – wedges offer greater stability compared to heels. For fall wedges, opt for closed ones instead of the strappy summery styles.

close toe low  wedge

black close toe wedge