6 Incredible Ways To Wear Block Heels Stylishly

When looking for a boost in your stature, the one thing that quickly comes to our mind is the high rise stiletto heels. But whoever says that stilettos are something they want to wear? Part of a minority they are, definitely.

Because let us face it, no one wants to wear stiletto heels all the time. And that is why the major comeback of one of 70’s most loved trend, the block heels, is such an exciting thing to witness and anticipate over the last couple of years.

With block heels, you can boost your height without hurt and these little babies have a natural old timey feels attached to them. The rustic basic design of the shoes and its bulkiness also adds up to its appeal. And most important of all, it’s quite an all-around shoes!

Below, you can check out some awesome looks and outfit ideas with block heels that will be absolutely perfect this coming warmer seasons.

Low Heeled Classiness

For heels, I’ve always had this belief that the length of the heels won’t matter when it comes to creating an huge sartorial impact. Low heels is just as fashionable as stilettos. Low block heels give off this classy Audrey Hepburn-esque feel that will be perfect for formal everyday looks like for the office.

low block heellow heeled block heels

Peep Toe Nostalgia

If you are up to create a wave of 70s nostalgia with your outfit, peep toe block heels or mules with block heels are the perfect shoes to do so. The combination of peep toe or mules and block heel create this entirely 70s atmosphere that will definitely appeal to throwback wearers and vintage fashionistas. It is a definite must-have, I assure you!

peep toe block heels

block heel peep toe

Comforting Edginess

Now, this one is for the ladies who are into edgy looks. Just because you are into putting a little more than a bit of edginess into your everyday outfits does not mean you have to struggle in a stiletto shoes every single day. There are infinitely other ways to create that sense of edge into your outfits. Opt for block heels with a bright color like crimson to put up that bold footwear look.

red block heel bootsblock heel and sweat pants

The Chic Boot

This is a prrsonal preference of mine when it comes to boots. I always find block heeled boots more chic and classic than boots with stiletto heels. For one thing, I find stiletto heeled boots to be more perfect on particular occasions like going to the club or having a girls’ night out. But for everyday looks, block heel is definitely the one to go. Block heeled boots are comfy to walk on and they give an instant chic appeal to almost any kind of outfit, especially if the boots is black.

boots block heelblock heel boots

Festival Perfection

Sure, gladiator sandals will definitely be the crowd favorite in the upcoming festival season this year. But I would like to squeeze in the beauty and perfection that a strappy block heeled sandals will bring to your planned festival outfit. Lace up and strappy block heels are great on the grass which most music festivals will be held. Also, they also give off a Bohemian/modern essence that is great for festival season.

lace up block heel sandalsblock heel sandals

Sandals Simplicity

Last but definitely not the least, the all-around simple block heeled sandals is a perfect all-around shoes that is a definite must-have. It is utterly a great alternative for stilettos and can be worn practically anywhere, anytime! It is really a great investment to add to your wardrobe.

white platform block heelsblock heels sandals