Amazing DIY Shoes You Can do At Home

Are you looking for shoes, but can’t seem to find want you really want? There could be a lot of great styles in department stores, but you don’t seem like finding the one that exactly match your taste. If you want to get the style that you really want, then better customize your own shoes using DIY shoes ideas.

To help you get started to customize your shoes, here are the amazing ideas to make your footwear more personalized:

Add Glitters

The most common design that you can add to your shoes are glitters. Glitters add design for special events in the evening for that sparkling elegance.

DIY Glitter Shoes

You can choose a red pump and paint glitters on it using glue until fully coveredDIY Glitter Shoes Finished product

After you have done adding glitters, your DIY glitter shoes will look as if it was made to order.

Add Studs

If you are more on distinct designs and shapes, you can actually make your own DIY studded shoes. Choose plain shoes of the color you want. Get studs and glue them one by one using special glue to make the studs last longer even if they are wet.

DIY Studded shoes

These plain sneakers can become amazing designer shoes when designed with studs.

Studded pumps

You can also add stud on your plain pumps to make it sexier.

Add Crystals or Rhinestones

If you are more on elegant pieces like those of the shoes in fairy tales, you can add those crystals and rhinestones to make a DIY crystal shoes. The key to getting a stunning shoe is choosing the best color such as plain white, beige, black or any plain-colored shoes. Crystal shoes can actually be very expensive, but if you just get a nice plain shoe and add those rhinestones on your own, you get the same look for a lower price. DIY crystal shoes are also best for weddings so instead of buying, you can make your own DIY wedding shoes.

DIY Crystal shoe

Stick those rhinestones in your shoe using special glue.

DIY Crsytal shoes

Super sparkly shoes without the expensive price

Paint Colors

Aside from attaching various accessories, another great DIY shoes design is a painted one. If you are an expert in painting or are very creative, you can draw and paint your design in your sneakers or any shoes for that matter.

Painted Shoes

These plain sneakers will look like customized shoes after adding some white designs.

DIY Painted Shoes

You can also paint your old shoes by painting them all over or adding an additional color to break the monotony.

Add Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are also becoming increasingly popular because of the accent it gives to bare shoes. There are hundreds of shoe clips to choose from art and handicraft shops.

Shoe Clips

Samples of DIY shoe clips that can be added to your shoes

DIY Shoe Clips

Bare shoes can never be cuter without these shoe clips

Add Lace

Lace can be very elegant and pretty when placed on shoes such as heels.  Your DIY lace shoes can transform your shoes into carefully hand-made designer shoes.

Lace Shoes

Start by drafting the lace on your shoes to get the proper measurement. Cut any excess.

DIY Lace Shoes

Carefully fasten the edges of the lace inside the shoe for a perfect look.

Diy shoe decoration

DIY shoes are very personalized so you don’t have to visit various shoe stores just to get what you like. DIY shoes also transform your old shoes to a new look so you can start wearing them again.