Cute Leopard Print Flats

Flats are very comfy shoes, perfect for taking long walks and mall strolls with friends. They’re also great with everything – dresses, denims, capris, name it. If you’re tired of the usual monochromatic flats in your closet, then it’s time to spice up your wardrobe with Leopard Print Flats. These wonderfully ‘wild’ shoes are the perfect accessories for every fashion-forward femme.

cute leopard flats
Who loves Leopard Print Flats?
Print Flats are so famous that they were seen on high-profile celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon, even Brazilian Bombshell Gisele Bundchen. Their printed flats range from Steve Madden to Stella McCartney, from Franco Sarto to BCBG Generation. Even prolific shoe designer Jimmy Choo has Leopard Print Flats.

leopard flats celebs
What to wear with Leopard Print Flats?
Matching printed shoes to clothing might be a little difficult, but you will be surprised to know that Leopard Print Flats go great with a lot of apparel.

leopard flats with jeans

These flats are best paired with black clothing – dresses, pants, or skirts. This deep, dark hue matches the black accents and makes the light Leopard prints pop out.
Given that Leopard Print Flats are best with black apparel, there are other shades that can complement this wild design as well. Light colors such as white, cream, blush and sand will blend harmoniously with your printed shoes. They won’t overpower the prints; instead, they will complement them.

leopard flats
If you’re a fashion risk-taker, then you’ll be glad to know that even bright, vivid colors pair well with Leopard Print Flats. A scarlet-colored dress paired with these shoes will make you look divine. Chartreuse, orange, yellow and pink outfits will harmonize with Leopard prints as well, but you have to be careful in not using too many color palettes in your wardrobe.
When dressing up, remember the cardinal rule of not mixing prints with prints. For a sophisticated look, choose any of the aforementioned solid colors to work with your Leopard Print Flats.

What accessories to pair with Leopard Print Flats?
Just like clothes, opt for solid-colored accessories instead of multi-colored ones. If you’re wearing a black dress with your Leopard Print Flats, you can break the monotony with gold, silver or red accessories. Avoid animal print jewelries as they will make you look like a tribeswoman.

leopard print flats
Truly a fashion trend, you can look purr-fect with your own pair Leopard Print Flats – signature or not. It’s just a matter of pairing it up with the right kind of clothes, accessories, and most importantly, attitude!