Deciding on Flats Vs Heels

One of the most difficult things that a woman has to make a decision for every morning when she prepares to go out in the morning is whether to wear flats or heels. Though both look gorgeous and fab, there are some things that one is better at compared to the other. What makes it especially hard to choose between the two is that most outfits look good with either. If you, too, are often confused and torn between flats and heels, read on below to see various comparison points that might just help you decide a little bit easier.

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  • When to wear them – flats are best worn if you plan to spend the day outside with most of your time walking or standing. They are also ideal for when you just need to run a quick errand or during casual days out like strolling at the mall or for a picnic at the park. On the other hand, heels are often saved for special and formal occasions but they can also be worn to dress up a simple, casual outfit.

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  • What to wear with them  with – flats are very versatile and can be worn with a wide variety of styles. They usually work best with casual outfits like shorts, jeans, t-shirts and tank tops. But this doesn’t mean that flats cant be worn with anything fancier and dressier than those. Flats can also be worn with cocktail dresses or fancy outfits as long as they look the part. Heels can be worn with a wide variety of looks, too, but they are best worn with dresses and gowns. Wearing heels with pants can also create a sexy, sophisticated look.

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  • Advantages – of course, the number one advantage of heels is that they are more comfortable to wear. They don’t put as much strain on your feet as heels do and you can walk in them for hours on end. They’re also a lot easier to pack as most flats today are made bendable, twistable and rollable so they don’t take up much space in your luggage and you can even slip a pair in your purse to use when the heels you’re wearing start to give you pain. As for heels, the ir main advantage is that they can make you look taller than you really are which is a huge confidence booster for a lot of women, especially the petite ones.

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  • Disadvantages – one of the biggest disadvantages of wearing flats is that they can cause blisters, especially when they’re still new and haven’t had a break in yet. You can avoid this, though, by using various products like heel cushions. Heels, too, can cause blisters on your feet but what really grinds women’s gear against them is the strain that they put on your feet. Heels are not recommended for long hours of use because of how uncomfortable they can be. Walking in them for long periods can also cause strain to your feet. Lastly, heels pose higher risks for dangerous falls so make sure to try walking in them a few steps before buying to see if you can actually use them without wobbling and tripping.

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