Chic and Stylish Nude Colored Shoes

Nude is one of the colors that have been continuously becoming popular because of the style and elegance it provides. Nude is a common description for a shade that is lighter than sand and slightly darker than champagne with a hue of peach or blush. Nude has started to become “in” when it comes to light or natural make up, and now, it is also being used in apparel and shoes.

Nude is one of the favorite colors of designers for women because there is nothing more beautiful in women’s style than having a color that resembles the skin tone. Well, for nude colors, the color and the skin tone of the woman itself reveals the natural beauty even without jewelries and flamboyant dresses.

In line with shoes, nude has been one of the favorite colors because it is very natural and matches all the colors of your outfit. Nude shoes in fact give a touch of simplicity, elegance and charm. Nude also reveals the true self of women and not just revealing the outer wardrobe or shoes. So if you are planning to get a new pair of shoes, you might as well get a pair of nude colored shoes.

Nude Shoe

Nude color shoes matches with any color so it is a safe shoe color to choose.

Sexy Legs in Nude Shoes

Since nude resembles the skin tone, it also elongates and adds sexiness to your legs when nude pumps are worn with shorts and skirts. Nude shoes makes you look like you have a model-look on your legs and feet.

Kim Kardashian in Nude Sandals

Kim Kardashian has a collection of nude shoes including this lovely high-heeled sandals perfect for casual outfits.

Kate Middleton in Nude Pumps

Among the celebrities that love nude pumps shoes is the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate was seen wearing her LK Bennet nude pumps in different occasions.

Selena Gomez in Nude Pumps

Selena Gomez also wears a nude Giuseppe Zanottipumps during the launch of her new fragrance at Macy’s. Look how those nude heels added glamor to her outfit.

Nude shoes

Nude shoe styles can take different styles from pumps, wedges, high heels, sandals, and others. That’s how nude becomes very versatile in terms of shoe designs.

Tip Toe Nude Shoes

Kate Middleton

kate-middleton-nude shoes

This tip-toe nude shoes from Dior adds beauty and elegance to your gorgeous feet.

Nude color shoes

Paris Hilton street style

paris-hilton-street-style-nude shoes

Almost all women love this nude pumps. Its simplistic style becomes simpler, yet chic by the nude color.

Fabulous Nude Heels

Match this open-toe nude pump with a stylish nude nail polish to create a graceful look in your feet.


Fancy Nude Shoes

If you are looking for a perfect color for your open foot wear for that chick event, have one of this nude mule with matching studs.

Shoe colors may become a fad in a specific year, but nude or tan shoes can be stylish most of the time because of a natural and charming hue.