How To Rock Gold Shoes Casually

Some clothes or garments are just made and worn for one single reason. And because that clothing or shoes is generally worn at a certain occasion, we’ve established a sort of “rule” that keeps us from wearing them in any other occasion. Gold shoes are one of those.

We have this mindset on wearing gold shoes to formal events where fancy dressing ups are required and needed. This has been around for a long time that gold shoes were hardly seen worn casually. But as we transition into a new age in fashion, the age of casual wearing anywhere you go, we have come to witness the gradual emergence of gold shoes in casual outfits. So you might as well join the bandwagon, ladies. Below are some helpful tips on how to rock gold shoes casually.

Here is a more obvious way of pulling off gold shoes in a casual outfit: wear it in the most typical casual attire ever imaginable. This outfit could comprise of anything from shorts, tank tops, simple solid colored tops, and cropped comfy pants. As much as possible, dressing down the rest of your attire will help in balancing the flashiness of your gold shoes to minimum.

gold sandals strappy gold shoes and floral blouse

Incorporating gold shoes in a black and white outfit is a great way of wearing gold shoes casually. The black and white color combination is monochromatic and gives room in your outfit for something flashy like gold shoes. To keep it casual, go for clothes that are commonly worn for dressed down outfits.

gold shoes and black and white

gold shoes and bnw outfit

If you don’t want to go for a monochromatic look and want to add more colors in your gold shoes-incorporated ensemble, I highly suggest going for muted shades or colors. These will not conflict with your shiny gold shoes but rather, harmonize with it. This is also another way of balancing out with the fanciness and dressed up nature of your gold shoes.

gold shoes and neutral colors gold shoes and muted colors

Having the designs and tailoring of your attire be of a looser and a more carefree atmosphere will definitely give your ensemble in general an impression of casualness. Clothes that are loose like overalls and maxi dresses done and worn in a hurried, careless manner gives that hugely ruffled essence to your getup which makes gold shoes absolutely wearable.

gold sandals and overalls gold sandals and maxi dress

For that matter, loose outfits and outre fashion with that “I just got out of bed” messy and lazy look also creates a definite impression of casualness on you. You can wear¬†gold shoes in such outfits and looks and rock it. Going for neutral shades in these sloppy chic looks adds up to the overall balance of your attire, too.

gold shoes sloppy chic gold oxfords and loose outfit

Lastly, you can also wear gold shoes that are not pumps or sandals. Going for shoes typically used for dressed down attires such as Birkenstocks and sneakers makes that gold shoes completely wearable for casual attires.