How to Wear Ankle Boots

Learn How to Wear stylish  Ankle Boots for women!

Do you know the origin of the boots? Drum roll please! Cowboys! Yes, from our dear fathers and sisters cowboy. Boots were popularized by Arthur Wellsley, duke of wellington, following his defeat of Napoleon and Waterloo. And then many versions of booties were made like for militaries, entertainment, and fashion. In fashion these days, booties are very “IN” style in all sorts of lengths and style. But ankle boots are very in trend right now. A lot of celebrity icons wore them, and as an icon people see them, so people wear them too, and so on.

how to wear ankle boots

How to wear ankle boots? Ankle boots  for women is just a length adjusted boots. It is still a boots, just a different length. And it can be use easily plus it doesn’t get many attentions when you walk on streets. It is lovely to be paired with skinny jeans, or a cute dress with stockings or lace stockings.

grey ankle boots

Some wears them with cigarette jeans but a lot prefers it with dress or skirt. Ankle boots are versatile. You can wear anything with it. Summer is the only NO NO for ankle boots, except for it is very hot to wear heels, I’m sure you don’t want to have a fashion booboo during summer. Winter is the best time to have ankle boots. Comfy and it adds a twist into your outfit. Furry coat, with skinny jeans and an ankle boots, BOOM! The best outfit, plus you will really look elegant with it, compare it with knee length boots. I know knee length boots is cute but you can’t really wear it anytime and in any outfit.

with what to wear ankle boots

Celebrity who wears ankle booties? There are a lot of beautiful celebrities who totally rocks the crib when they wear this kind of shoes. Disney princess Miley Cyrus wears it with personality and a rock and roll, Heidi Montag wears it with pure elegance and glittery dress. Some wears it during awards night. Girls who wear a very strong impact shoes, just like ankle boots, are those who are very confident about their looks and their stand.

with what to wear ankle boots

Western style ankle boots for women

western ankle boots

Flat ankle boots

flat ankle boots

Alexander Mcqueen black ankle boots

alexander_mcqueen_ black ankle boots

White ankle boots

white ankle boots

White outfit with brown  ankle boots

brown ankle boots white  outfit

Black platform  lace up ankle  boots

black platform lace up ankle  boots

Every girl can wear anything they want and feel good about her. Wearing ankle boots are not just to be the most confident girl, not just to be the prettiest girl, but it also shows how every woman can show herself in a very high and beautiful way, and also shoes can lead you to a better tomorrow, remember, Cinderella, found her prince because of her shoes. Stay pretty.