How To Wear Rain Boots Stylishly

Along with the pumpkin-spiced everything and chilling nights that comes with fall and winter, we also have to anticipate the gloomy weather that fall and winter will certainly bring. The drizzle-ready rubber rain boots are one of the very few footwear that comes in handy during these seasons but pulling it off stylishly will be a hard task.

Rain boots may not be the most fashionable footwear existing and we’ve all had our dreaded experiences with rain boots back when we were kids. But the rain boots in stores today are far from the sloppy ones we once wore as toddlers. They are stylish and versatile. Here’s how to wear rain boots stylishly.

The first thing you can do is wear them over your favorite pair of jeans. Being in the middle of a downpour will certainly leave you with wet jeans that will be uncomfortable to walk in so a pair of rain boots will not only be functional but also fashionable and will look great in any outfit. Especially when you wear a classic color such as black or dark brown.

Jessica Alba boots and jeans | Aelidarain boots and jeans | Aelida

You can also wear rain boots with skirts and dresses. For fall and winter, layering tights underneath your rain boots is a good outfit. Now when it’s slightly warm outside, you might want to take away the tights and be bare-legged. The result is looking as chic as when you are wearing a pair of velvet knee-high boots. The look is classy and gives off a feminine atmosphere.

rain boots and black skirt | Aelida

rain boots and metallic dress | Aelida

I suggest that you wear skirts or dresses that will fall a few inches above your knees or around mid-thighs, baring a couple of inches of skin between the rain boots and the hemline of the skirt or dress. This will offer the illusion of being taller than you are–an illusion that I’m sure petite ladies would want to take note of.

rain boots and asymmetric skirt | Aelidarain boots and dress | Aelida

Shorts are another bottoms garment that you can wear with rain boots when it’s hot out. The difference with skirts and dresses from slipping on shorts is that shorts will definitely give off a casual and laid back look. Meanwhile, the feel of your outfit will highly depend on your skirt or dress’s silhouette–whether it’s flowing, which will mean relaxed or romantic, or body-fitting, which will create an allure or polished look.

rain boots and bermuda shorts | Aelidarain boots and denim shorts | Aelida

You could also enhance the rainy day look that rain boots instantly create by slipping on a trench coat over your chosen top-and-bottom outfit. Personally, the rain boots and trench coat outfit combination reminds me of Coraline from the movie adaptation of the similar titled book by Neil Gaiman. When you choose a rain boots with the right color and design to pair with your trench coat, it will certainly result to a chic and stylish look.

rain boots and coat | Aelidarain boots and trench coat | Aelida

For those of you who are more scarred with wearing rain boots than most, you can now wear rain boots without the fear of making your legs look bulkier than it actually is. Try rain boots in transparent rubber. And the great thing is, they usually are in heels. This way, you’ll be able to protect yourself from sloshes from dirty puddles on the street while still looking chic.

transparent boots in stilettostransparent rain boots | Aelida

You know how you can wear leg warmers that peek slightly over your boots? Well, you can do the same with rain boots. Leg warmers are usually knitted or made in thick material which helps in its function as leg warmers. When wearing leg warmers, I strongly suggest picking one that contrasts to the color of the boots.

red rain boots and leg warmers | Aelidapurple rain boots and gray leg warmers | Aelida