Royalty of Purple Heels

Purple heels are one of those kind of trendy footwear to wear on, and during earlier days royal family queens mostly wore purple color heels as a sign of royalty and you needn’t worry what to wear to match your purple heels for they get blended with almost any color, but many try to play safe wearing black or white dress to match the purple color footwear. Get a purple heel to enjoy the color of royalty and explore fashion to its core.

purple ankle strap heels


Beyonce looked fabulous in her t strap purple heels that matched her abstract print shiny body hugging dress, and green big earring. The red nail polish and purple heels looked fashionable and fantastic.

beyonce purple strap heels

Blake Lively was wearing a blue dress with velvet purple pumps and accessorized with bangles that looked contrasting and fashionable. The purple high heeled pumps looked very sexy for the blue dress.

Blake Lively in purple heels

Eva Mendes looked very sexy and cute in her green silk dress with beadwork designs and matched it with satin peep toe purple pump that looked very stylish. This is a very classic color combination that looks awesome and the silk material looks grand and catchy.


eva mendes purple pump

Lady GaGa was wearing a purple dress with absolutely matching high platform purple pump heel that looked fabulous and she looked hot and catchy with those round sunglass, black gloves and purple fantasy clothing.

gaga purple pumps

Katy Perry was looking very lovely in her mild lavender body hugging dress with those purple heels, a product of Brian Atwood that was a stunner and a standout with the beautiful lavender dress.

Katy-Perry-in-Brian-Atwood purple heel

Megan fox looked hot and sexy in that off shoulder purple satin dress with a long cut exposing one of her thighs, and those long lean legs looked beautiful with the matching beautiful purple heels.

Megan Fox in Purple heels

Vanessa Hudgens looked fashionable in her short navy blue dress and purple heels that looked simple yet fashionable and trendy. She was carrying a simple black clutches that looked matching and elegant.

Vanessa Hudgens purple pumps

As said earlier purple heels can be matched with any kind of dress and with any color and these celebrities matched with various contrasting colors and looked beautiful. Purple heels can also be matched with simple jean shorts and tee and make it look simple and cute. If you were a lover of purple you would have got an idea to match it with colors rather than wearing it with just purple or black. If you haven’t got a purple heel, am sure you would buy one now!

purple heels