Ravishing Silver Pumps

Siver pumps looking ravishing with almost any color either its dark or have lighter shade, silver just blends with colors so well. Silver pumps look catchy for the color silver itself has its own shine and you needn’t go for special metallic effects to get that shiny look.


Ashlee Simpson looked stunning in her white dress with beads work and matched it with perfect metallic finish silver pump and glittering spherical clutch that looked different and very catchy, which suited her so well and made her look absolutely a standout.

ashlee simpson silver pumps

Jessica Stam was wearing a white strapless dress with sequin work and white stone embellished necklace, bracelet and perfect pair of silver pumps that had a glittering finish and was studded with white stones that was a absolutely match for her dress and made it look so ravishing. This kind of silver pumps can also be used as bridal wear for they will look very catchy and grand.

Jessica-Stam-silver pumps

Kristen Stewart was wearing a off white dress with silver pumps with metallic finish and a off white strap that matched with her dress, and the silver pumps looked great for her fair whitish skin tone and long lean legs.


Paris Hilton had chosen to go fully silver and was dressed in silver one shoulder dress and paired it with silver flap handbag and shiny silver pumps. She looked perfect in whole silver collection and that looked great too.

paris-hilton-silver heels

Piper Perabo looked cute and sexy in her long flowing matt finish gown and silver checker design shiny peep toe pumps that looked stunning. She beautiful posed for the picture with a clear view of her footwear. When you wear something beautiful it gives you the confidence to show off with pride.

piper-perabo silver pumps

Selena Gomez’s white body hugging dress with silver design metallic straps was in perfect blend with her silver heels that had a spiky design and looked fashionable with the ankle strap. This is one of the best designer collections from Christian Louboutin and Selena had picked it right.

selena gomez in silver heels

This silver triple platform silver pump with glittering and sparkling silver finishes and embellished with white stones in the heels and between the platforms layer look very attractive and stunning. This kind of grand pumps can be used as bridal pumps, which will be a standout and you can walk with joy of wearing one of the best footwear and proud enough to walk with confidence.

silver glittering pump