Strutting Your Stuff with Platform Heels

Women have always loved platform heels and other high heels even though not all of those are comfortable. When it comes to fashion, a lot of ladies would put comfort at the bottom of the list. Nevertheless, this has not stopped designers and manufacturers in making platform heels for women. These kinds of footwear allow the exaggeration of the figure of the female. The legs are more elongated, and it makes the wearer a few inches taller. One can’t really blame women as to why they would choose towering high platform heels over comfortable sneakers. Here are some outfits that you can wear with your platform heels while you strut your stuff with it.

When wearing any kind of animal print footwear, bear in mind that it should be the only print that you wear for that outfit. Meaning, the other elements of your outfit should be of solid colors only.

AnimaL Print Platform Heels


Some heels are decorated to add more character to the whole look of the footwear. These chunky platform heels can be paired with mini dresses.

Embellished Platform Heels


Brightly colored footwear is quite something if you are wearing outfits which don’t have noticeable colors. It somewhat contrasts the whole look.

Fiery Red Platform Heels


Nude platform heels are gorgeous and versatile at the same time. It can be paired with almost any outfit color. The design of the footwear on the image is very feminine.

Luxury Nude Platform Heels


Black colored footwear is one of the most popular choices among women before. But now, because fashion constantly changes, there are mixtures of colors in outfits that are widely acceptable.

Simple Black Platform Heels


No matter how uncomfortable it may seem, celebrities have trained well when it comes to wearing high-heeled footwear.

Demi Lovato looks gorgeous and at ease with her cute platform heels.

Demi Lovato Platform Heels


Eva Longoria pairs her animal print platform heels with a simple black dress.

Eva Longoria Platform Heels


Kate Hudson wears an immaculately beautiful pair of shoes which could pass as bridal shoes. The style of the shoes is very simple, yet it looks elegant and would make any wearer feel gorgeous.

Kate Hudson Platform Heels


These are killer heels that Kim Kardashian fabulously pulled off. The color of her dress matches her footwear nicely.

Kim Kardashian Platform Heels


Vaness Hudgens looks very ready to go out and have a walk with her high heeled footwear and gorgeous dress.

Vanessa Hudgens Platform Heels


It has never been easy to wear high heeled shoes, but if a woman wants to look more gorgeous, she will oversee this fact and go on strutting her stuff with her platform heels.