Tips and Tricks to Wearing and Taking Care of Ugg Boots

Ugg boots may not be the most glamorous-looking footwear that you can get your hands on but they can look very cute when you pair them with the right outfits. Often times, these kinds of boots come in neutral colors such as brown, black and gray but if you’re lucky you might just score one in your favorite color. Uggs always do a good job in keeping you warm which makes them a favorite for winter time. in this article we’ve got some tips and tricks for you for wearing ugg boots and keeping them looking (and smelling) nice.

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  • Don’t get your ugg boots wet – before heading out in your ugg boots, make sure to read weather forecasts to see if rain or snow is anticipated. If you’re expecting rain or snow, make sure to protect your ugg boots with a generous amount of scotch guard or any other leather protector. Otherwise, leave your uggs home and get your rain boots on. Snow and rain water can leave permanent unsightly stains on your ugg boots.

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  • Avoiding saggy ugg boots – ugg boots sag easily but the reason why they sag are very easy to avoid and prevent. Make sure you trim your toenails before you put your boots on because long and sharp nails may tear the soft leather on them. Also, when buying ugg boots, make sure you get the right size so that your foot slips in easily and you don’t have to stretch your boots as stretching leads to sagging. Do not stuff your ugg boots with thick jeans, too. This will also make them sag easier.

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  • Use baking powder on boots that haven’t properly dried – if you got your boots wet and you were not able to dry them properly, they’ll start smelling really bad. To remove the stinky smell on your boots, place about a teaspoon of baking soda on each boot and leave it overnight. The baking soda will absorb the smell from your boots.

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  • Keep dogs away from uggs – do not, at all costs, leave your uggs and your dog alone in a room. The leathery smell of ugg boots and the soft fleece on it makes it very tempting for a dog to chew on. Make sure you keep your uggs somewhere your dog has no access to.

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  • Don’t fear the dye – ugg boots that come in darker colors will transfer dye on to your feet the first few times you wear them but don’t fret. This is completely normal with original uggs. The dye used on ugg boots are made from natural components so they’re easier to remove and don’t post any  harm for your feet.

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