Trendy Printed Pumps

Pumps are always a big help when you want to be taller than you already are. Wearing pumps also gives heaps of sex appeal to any outfit. they’re sleek, chic and sexy which is why a lot of women choose to wear them all the time, even though sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable to walk in them. Printed pumps have been spotted everywhere, not only this season but almost the whole year through. These pumps feature cool, pretty and trendy prints that add an element of fun to any outfit. Here are some of the coolest and trendiest pumps we’ve spotted so far:

  • Animal printed pumps – animal print pumps are gorgeous when worn with dark colors. They make a good choice for winter footwear because the prints are rich and warm. Popular animal prints on pumps include zebra prints, cheetah prints, tiger prints and then there’s also the occasional cow print. They’re very sexy and you can wear them with almost anything.

animal print pumps animal printed pumps

  • Floral printed pumps – floral prints have come a long way from being summer and spring staples to being an all year round trend. They’re very girly and feminine and they’re perfect for dressing up an ordinary outfit. you can also wear floral printed pumps if you want to add a touch of romance to your outfit.

floral printed pumps

floral pumps

  • Polka dot printed pumps – polka dots are very simple prints that you can see on pumps but it’s one that not everybody is confident in wearing.  When the right colors are combined, polka dot prints on a pair of cute pumps can be whimsical and they can lend any outfit a retro-ish quirky vibe. Polka dots are also very girly and feminine.

polka dot pumps polkadot pumps outfit

  • Aztec printed pumps – add a generous splash of color to a plain outfit by wearing colorfully combined geometrically patterns as in those featured on Aztec prints. Aztec print is one of the most popular kinds of tribal prints that are hitting the runways today, especially on shoes.

aztec printed pumps aztec print pumps

  • Abstract printed pumps – abstract printed pumps are perfect if you want to add a great splash of color to your outfit or if you simply want lots of color on your feet. Wearing abstract printed pumps can instantly add an artistic vibe to a whole ensemble, no matter how plain and boring. The abstract print on pumps also make it easier to wear these shoes with any other print or color.

abstract printed pumps abstract pumps