Turn Ordinary Outfits to Extraordinary with Silver Flats

Adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit is easy if you have silver flats. When it comes to versatility and style, you can count on these flats. You can go to your office, the grocery, and to a formal dinner without changing clothes. Truly, these shoes can be worn on almost any occasion. It is one of the classic shoes that you should have in your shoe closet. There are women who would agree that silver flats are one of the best flat shoes. This is possibly because silver would go greatly with an outfit of any color. It is a neutral color for outfits, but it is not a boring hue. Here are some silver flats for women in different styles.

This kind of shoes would be perfect if you go out to the mall. A woman always looks better if she is comfortable with what she is wearing. She will move confidently and more at ease.

Casual Silver Ballerina Flats


These flat silver shoes can add glamour to a simple outfit such as the one on the picture.

Embellished Silver Shoes


Some oxford shoes are boring, but this one is not. These sparkly silver flats may look like it belongs to the dance floor, but it can brighten up even the most boring outfit.

Oxford Glitter Silver Flats


As a variation to the closed silver shoes, peep toe flats would be a good change. You can wear it with your day outfits. Accessorize well, and you’ll look as if you just stepped off from a fashion magazine.

Plain Oxford Silver Flats


Here is another pair of oxford shoes for ladies which is far from being plain.

Plain Oxford Silver Flats


When buying shoes, you should immediately see in your mind how well those shoes will go with your planned outfit. Your safest bet when it comes to shoes is something neutral, such as these grey flats.

Plain Silver Flats


The ribbons on these flats make the shoes more feminine. You can wear these shoes with a dress.

Ribbon Silver Shoes


Flat shoes come in different sizes and styles, and another thing that’s good about it is that it looks good no matter what body type you are.

Simple Ribbon Silver Flats


If you are wearing a colorful outfit, you would have a hard time thinking what color of shoes to wear. But if you have silver shoes or other neutral colored shoes such as brown or white, then you will have no problem.

Simple Silver Shoes


Even when your outfit includes army print pants, your silver shoes will still be a perfect match.

Two Tone Silver Flats

Shoes are becoming an indulgence more than a need. But sometimes, you need the basics such as these silver glitter flats. Having these would be practical, and it will save you a lot of money because of its versatility. Next time you shop, don’t forget to add silver flats to your shopping list.