Wedges Vs Heels: Which one should you go for?

As a woman, there are lots of decisions to make when it comes to fashion. Unlike men, we are not content with just throwing on whatever and hoping that it all goes well. Sometimes, we sacrifice comfort for a much more stylish look but sometimes we also like to put comfort first before looks. No matter what, we always like to look taller and leaner and our way of doing that is by wearing wedges or heels. If, like most women, you always find yourself torn between wedges vs. heels, here’s something to remember every time you’re making a decision:

heels and tights wedge ankle shooties

  • Sexier and more formal dresses call for heels – although heels add a nice touch of sexiness and glam to a casual outfit like jeans and shorts with casual tops. heels are a better match for dressier outfits like cocktail dresses and those that you would normally wear to formal events. They look more elegant and more sophisticated and they are so much sleeker than wedges. They also have a much sexier vibe which compliments formal dresses better.

heels nude

heels and lime dress

  • Wedges go well with jeans and casual dresses – a pair of cute wedges goes so much better with more casual outfits like those consisting of jeans and a shirt. Strappy wedges look cute on casual dresses and maxi dresses, too. The combination of wedges and dresses are very cute, especially for spring and summer. Wedges also look good with shorts.

wedge and shortd casual wedge outfit

  • Consider stability – heels put all of your weight on the front part of your feet leaving you no choice but to balance it all on there. You’re also forced to arch your back and walk that way as long as you’re wearing them. Heels are good when you are walking on plain straight and dry ground. Wedges, on the other hand, distribute all of your weight evenly as if you are walking on foot. It makes for a better footwear when walking on wet grounds.

heels and pants

wedge and striped dress

  • How long will you be walking in them? – the estimated duration of how long you will be walking in your shoes affects your decision on whether to go for wedges or heels. If you know that you are going to be standing or walking for longer periods of time, go with wedges because they are more comfortable and they have better support. If you’re going to spend most of your time sitting down anyway, then heels would be a lovely choice. In case you’re not sure and your outfit calls for heels, go for chunky heels as they are a bit more comfy to walk in.

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