Why Women Love To Wear Wedges

There is no doubt about it, women love wedges, but why? Most women cannot live without sky-high heels, but what we don’t like is balancing on pinpoint heels. Injuries may cost more than the price of your heels. So that’s what wedges are for – this footwear is fashionable, yet it gives the wearer balance. These shoes are practically one of the things a woman must have in her shoe collection. There are different kinds of wedge shoes; it would take a lifetime to enumerate everything. There are wedges for every occasion, and here are a few of that must-have footwear.

These cute wedges will go well with a summer dress. Footwear with this color will match outfits of almost any hue.

Beautiful Gold Wedge Sandal


These brown braided wedge heels have a neutral color and can be paired with dresses in pastel hues. It can also be paired with maxi dresses or if you are wearing jeans.

Brown Braided Leather Wedge


Cutout wedge sandals such as this is something different compared to your usual wedge. The bright color matches the black and white outfit.

Cutout Cute Wedge Sandals


This platform wedge may look like it is too high, but it is just as comfortable as your regular wedge.

Gorgeous Platform Wedge


These leopard wedges or animal print wedges should be worn with outfits with only one solid color to avoid overwhelming the outfit with too much patterns.

Leopard Print Wedge Shoes


Orange colored wedges such as this can be worn during the summer to add brightness to your outfit.

Pretty Bright Orange Wedge


Another style of wedges is this one on the picture. The color of the wedges can also match almost any outfit.

Shiny Wedge Shoes


Here are silver wedges which you can wear with a summer dress or your casual denim shorts and top outfit.

Silver Shiny Wedge Sandals


Striped white and black wedges are something different compared to the single color shoes that you may have in your closet. These black and white wedges can be worn with your casual outfits during the summer or when you spend a day outdoors.

Striped Black Wedge Sandals


If you want something new, here is a quirky two-tone wedge heels that may just suit your fun personality.

Two Tone Wedge Heels


There are a lot of shoes available in the market. When buying shoes, there are things that you need to consider – the event you are going to where the shoes, the cost of the shoes, how it looks, and of course, if you are comfortable with it. If you need heels and wedges will go well with your outfit, it would be best to choose wedges over stilettos. Whether it is a casual or a formal event, there are wedges that are perfect for your outfit.