Signature Celebrity Styles to Get Inspiration From

When you’re in an industry where everyone is and should be glamorous and fab, you’ll want to make a signature statement that you’ll be remembered by – whether it’s your own unique personal style, a quirky mannerism, the way you’ve styled your hair for years, the kind of shoes you’re known for (we’re looking at your Manolo Blahniks, SJP) or whatever else it is that makes you unique and whatever makes you stand out from the rest. If you don’t already have your own ‘something to be remembered by’ thing, here are some signature celebrity styles to get inspiration from.

  • Alexa Chung’s preppy hipster style – there are lots of other celebrities out there who have nailed the preppy style to a T while others have mastered the hipster style more but no one can pull off the perfect combination of both looks quite like Alexa Chung. She always has the right pieces together in one outfit for the perfect mix of preppy and hipster styles.

alexa chung summer style girly outfit preppy hipster preppy hipster outfit

alexa chung style

  • Angelina Jolie’s love for black – Angie sure knows how to look classy on and off duty. Black looks anything but basic when it’s Angelina Jolie who’s wearing it. From her red carpet looks to her everyday ordinary sending-the-kids-off-to-their-first-day-of-school look, you’re sure to see her wear something black. Sometimes she’d be so extraordinarily simple and wear a monochromatic black outfit, sometimes she’ll throw another color in the mix. Either way, her classy style remains and we’re truly inspired.

world war z premiere outfit angelina jolie elegant black outfit angelina jolie maternity style black and white suit black dress and gold shoes

  • Cara Delevingne’s suits – suits have always been Cara’s thing and we think she’s totally owned the look from the first time she started rocking it. No one flaunts their tomboy side better than Cara does, no doubt about that. Her ‘suiting’, in fact, has become the new evening standard for women of style. This just goes to show that you don’t always have to have the perfect Little Black Dress because sometimes, all you need is a Little Black Suit.

cara delevingne blue suit immaculate white suit sexy metallic suit roberto cavalli suit

  • Kim Kardashian’s kurves – if there’s one girl who knows how to flaunt her curves and make everyone drool, it’s Kim Kardashian. Though sometimes she tends to go overboard with showing some skin, she sure knows how to pick dresses that embrace her in all the right places. Anyone who hasn’t yet learned to embrace a voluptuously curvy frame should definitely take a lesson or two from this hot momma.

off duty curves kim kardashian curvy outfit curvy kim kardashian curvy kardashian sisters

  • Taylor Swift’s crop tops – though she’s been known to have mastered a lot of styles (from preppy to vintage and all things in between), Taylor’s recent signature look lately has been crop top and skirt separates. It’s the perfect summer look to show off her long legs and perfectly toned midriff. We can’t wait for what she has in store for fall!

girly crop top retro style crop top outfit tca outfit 2014 taylor swift gray crop top

  • Olivia Palermo’s wayfarers – Olivia Palermo’s obsession with wayfarers just proves that anything you know looks good on you is worth keeping. She knows she looks good in wayfarers so she’s rarely seen without them. Honestly, I think Olivia’s got a pair (or more, who knows) of every kind and every style of wayfarers out there, from the basic black ones to mirrored glasses to cat eye wayfarers and everything else in between.

animal print shades olivia palermo classy wayfarer plain black shades westward leaning wayfarers