Six Pieces that Refresh Your Wardrobe in a Snap

Finding the perfect clothes that flatter your figure and fit you to the T can be quite difficult but it’s also very rewarding because nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you look good in what you’re wearing. Sometime, however, the pieces w have in our closets tend to get dated and need to be replaced. Sure, there are a few classics that you can keep using for much longer but eventually, you will have to get pieces that refresh your wardrobe in order to keep your style fresh, trendy and updated.  Refreshing your wardrobe every now and then is a great way to try new looks and spice up your style. Here are 10 pieces that refresh your wardrobe in a snap:

  • Camouflage pants – okay, so we all know how printed jeans are all the rage right now and floral jeans and galaxy pants are probably on top of your “to buy” list but if you’re looking for something that will really give most of your outfits a whole new exciting twist, why not try camouflage pants? They’ve got a manly vibe that can make your girly sense of style a bit edgier a lot more chic.

camo pants camo pants outfit

  • Silk top – cotton tops sure are comfy and they’re super affordable, too, but every once in a while it feels nice to be clad in something more luxurious to the touch and wear something that will make you feel exquisitely dainty and feminine. A silk top is a nice refreshing break from all your everyday ordinary clothes but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it on regular days as well. Dress down your silk top by wearing it with more casual pieces like jeans.

silk top

  • Animal print belt – no matter how plain and simple your outfit is, be it as simple as a white tee and a pair of jeans, you can rely on an animal print belt to make it look more chic and fun. You’ll be surprised at how such a small detail can make a big difference in your outfit.

animal print belt outfit animal print belt

  • Redefine LBD – LBD used to stand for ‘Little Black Dress’ but that, too, can get dated if you keep showing up with the same number. Refresh your wardrobe by going for another kind of LBD – Little Bright Dress. Choose colors that are fun, bright and hip and accessorize with neutrals and/or one more contrasting color to make sure you don’t go overboard.

bright dress bright dress outfit

  • Fedora – hats don’t only protect our hair from the wind and the sun, they can also add an element of mystery to your look especially if you wear them with cool sunnies. If you’re looking for a hat to help refresh your closet, go for a fedora. A fedora is super posh and it goes with just about anything from dainty dresses to casual shirt and shorts outfits.

fedora outfit

  • Neon shoes – if pieces from your wardrobe are starting to bore you and if you think you’ve tried every single combination there is to mix and match, you might be thinking that it’s time for an overhaul but before you go splurging all your hard earned cash for a whole wardrobe revamp, why not get yourself a pair of neon shoes, first? You’ll see how a cool pair of neon shoes is all you need to bring back the excitement in your wardrobe.

neon shoes neon shoes outfit