Skirt Styles to Add to Your Closet Now

Spring time is the perfect time to sport dainty, girly and feminine outfits and what better way to flaunt your feminine side that to wear girly skirts? What makes skirts perfect for spring time is that they’re girly, lightweight and easy to wear. They’re really stylish, too, and there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. If you’re planning on shopping for some more spring clothes that you can easily bring with you to summer, check out these skirt styles to add to your closet now.

  • Fit and flare – fit and flare skirts are perfect for women who like feminine silhouettes. These kinds of skirts give emphasis to your hips so it’s the perfect piece to wear if you want to flaunt your hips and highlight them as your asset. Full length fit and flare skirts will give you a very dressy look and they can be a little challenging to walk in which is why you’ll want to avoid that for your day to day outfit. Instead, choose a fit and flare that hits just right on or above the knee. Midi length fit and flare skirts are great, too. Wear your fit and flare with a button up shirt for a simple, casual look or with a cute sweater to give it a bit of a street style vibe.

crisp white fit and flare fit and flare with plaid shirt

  • Fringe skirt – want to give your outfit a nice tribal / ethnic feel without necessarily having to wear the overrated tribal print? Why not try wearing a fringe skirt instead? It will give your outfit a nice tribal kind of feel. When wearing a fringe skirt, try not to wear anything else with a tribal theme to it because you might end up with a costume-y outfit. Instead, wear it with casual or edgy pieces like a crop top, a leather jacket or just a simple tank top.

grungy fringe skirt

grungy fringe skirt

  • High split skirt – high split skirts are little tricky to pull off. You’ll want to end up with an outfit that look sensuous but not sensual. You’ll also want your outfit to look elegantly sexy and not cheap and trashy. So, what do you wear with a high split skirt? Well, anything, really. Just make sure that your top doesn’t show too much skin because that’s already taken care of by the high split skirt.

pastel high slit skirt high slit teal maxi

  • Pleated skirt – pleated skirts are perfect for women who need to add volume to their lower half to balance out a heavy top. it’s also a great piece to wear if you’re looking for something that can add fun texture to your outfit. When wearing a pleated skirt, you’ll want to keep your top simple. Avoid bulky silhouettes on top if you’re wearing a pleated skirt as it can make you look bigger than you would like.

light yellow pleated skirt pink pleated skirt and crop top

  • Sheer skirt – this is another tricky skirt style to pull off and master but when you do master the art of wearing it, you can make it look super chic and stylish. With a sheer skirt, you’ll want to wear something conservative so you end up with a nicely balanced outfit. often, the sheer part of the skirt is just an overlay and you would have another piece underneath to cover what has to be covered. If you get the kind that just has sheer panels on them though, make sure to try them out before you buy them so you can see where the sheer panels hit.

sheer full skirt goth sheer skirt