Splendid Long Earrings Designs

Earrings for women range from the smallest stud to the biggest chandelier earrings. All of these match specific outfits and events and all you need to do is discover the style that fits you. Well, when it comes to gorgeous earrings, long earrings are the perfect choice for that dressy outfit in any day. Long earrings are very dazzling and they accessories your ears easily. Choose among the following long fashion earrings designs and ideas for a pump up look:

Long Feather Earrings

Feather earrings can be one of the longest earrings in the fashion world. This feather earrings is an example of gorgeous long earrings that you can use. It is a combination of various feathers with several colors for a lively look on your ears.

Long Feather Earrings

This black and white eagle-inspired feather earrings is also very gorgeous and eye catching  The long feather earrings seem like pretty hair extensions when worn.

Long Feather Earring

Gold, Silver and Diamond Long Earrings

Aside from feather earrings, long earrings can be made from every woman’s favorite: diamonds. This diamond long dangle earrings is very stunning. The long design further makes any woman more glamorous.

Long Earrings

Long chandelier earrings are also very popular when it comes to the longest earrings. This chandelier earrings with diamond studs is also gorgeous for that equally gorgeous gown.

Long Earring

Long silver chain earrings are very sexy and chic. They make any face shine and bloom because of the minimalist, yet sexy style. They are widely available in various jewelry shops so grab one of these now.

Long Dangling Earrings

Gold and feather can also come together in long earrings. Jessica Biel wears a long gold earrings with feather accentuates to even make the earrings more lengthy and sexy.

essica Biel Long Feather Earrings

Now if you desire a very stunning long earrings, this studded earrings in silver and gold is a perfect choice  Use it on a night party and let the earrings reflect the lights perfectly for that dazzling look.

Foot Long Earrings

Want charms in your earrings? Then, use this long star dangles for that pretty jewelry. This looks best on younger women, but more mature gals can also use this for that youthful feel.

Long star earrings

Anna Faris poses with her circle chains. The long earrings is very lovely and sophisticated in her pretty face.

Anna Faris's Long Earrings

Emma Stone wears a long chandelier earrings with a simple design in gold. The Bohemian style coupled with pretty dangling stones is perfect for that royal look.

Emma Stone Long Chandelier Earrings

Aside from getting simple and small studs, you should also get long earrings because you may not know when you need to look extra glamorous.