Spring Street Fashion Trends 2014

Fashion isn’t just found on the runways, it’s anywhere and everywhere women are. This spring, the street is the place to be if you want to see the variety of trends that the season has to offer. Here are some spring street fashion trends that you can expect to see straight from the runway to the busiest streets.

  • Patchwork denim – if you want that ‘worn in’ look you get from distressed jeans but don’t quite like how rough and rugged the whole thing is, then you should definitely go for patchwork denim style jeans instead. They look much more decent and you can definitely wear them on dress down / casual days at the workplace. We also love how the patchwork makes the whole piece look chic and unique without taking away the ‘street’ feel of it. Wear your patchwork denim with a shirt for a comfy lazy day look or throw on a blazer on top for a more polished result. The denim on denim trend works quite well with patchwork denim, too.

patchwork patchwork denim

  • Slogan tees – looking for a way to create a statement that’s bold enough to be noticed yet not too bold to go overboard? Wear a slogan tee. You can get slogan tees just about anywhere you can get stylish clothes but if you can’t find one that says exactly what you want it to say, you can always DIY your own and have your own statement slogan printed on it. A plain background with a bold slogan always catches the eye and makes a good statement. Wear it with jeans, shorts or a skirt – whatever tickles your fancy. If you are DIYing your own slogan tee, feel free to use whatever you want, don’t be just confined to the idea of using a t-shirt. You can use a muscle shirt, a tank top, a sweater or whatever else you want.


slogan tee slogan shirt

  • Mismatched prints – so the print on print trend has been on for a while now but what’s new for spring street fashion this year is wearing the print on print trend without rhyme or rhythm. In short, mismatched prints are in. Never mind that floral prints don’t go with those quirky mustache prints or that animal prints aren’t conventionally teamed with polka dots. Sport them anyway! That’s what spring street fashion is all about this year and the general rule is: the more the prints don’t match, the better. So don’t be afraid to be bold and get your style out there. This has got to be spring’s most forgiving street fashion trend yet.

mismatched mismatched prints

  • Trapeze bags – Celine’s been raved about for quite some time now, thanks to their gorgeous line of handbags that keep getting better with each new piece being added to it. The trapeze bag is one of the latest addition to Celine’s handbag collection and it’s also one of the hottest trends for spring on the streets. Trapeze bags are roomy and they’re quite secure so they’re perfect for street use. Note that you don’t necessarily have to get your trapeze bag from Celine or other expensive designers. Shop at the high street stores for more affordable choices.

trapeze bag trapeze purse trapeze