Spring Vacation Must Haves

School’s out, the sun is shining and great weather is ahead of us. Finally, your much awaited spring vacation is happening! Of course, what makes going on vacation even more exciting is that you have a new excuse to go shopping for your vacation wardrobe. Whether you’re spending your spring break vacay at the resort, the mountain, the beach, the city or anywhere else, one thing is for sure: you’ll want to be styling while on vacation. With that in mind, we’ve gathered up a list of spring vacation must haves that you should definitely pack in your suitcase or your carryon.

  • A stylish purse – the first thing you’ll want to have with you while you’re on vacation is a nice stylish purse you can carry around all day that would fit all your essentials. When choosing a purse to bring with you on vacation, there are things that you should consider. First, the color should be neutral so it goes with all of the outfits you’ve packed for your entire vacay. You’ll also want your purse to be roomy enough to accommodate all of your travel essentials and a little bit of those little impromptu things you pick up from shops along the way. Lastly, you’ll want a purse that’s sturdy enough to hold everything inside.

purse bag purse

  • Oversized sunglasses – no matter where you go, you need sunglasses and we’re betting on oversized sunglasses for your spring break vacation must haves because aside from the fact that they’re super stylish, they look great on everyone. Yep, you read that right. Oversized sunnies look will look good on you, no matter what your face shape is. And, they’ll look good with any outfit as well.


sunnies os

  • Maxi dress – maxi dresses are warm weather staples and they’re great to bring on vacation because they’re super versatile. They’re also very comfy and non-restricting and that’s one thing you want with any outfit to bring on vacay. What’s more is that it is an outfit on its own so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching separates. And, if that’s not enough to convince you into packing maxi dresses, get this: they can easily take you from day to night with a little change in makeup and accessories! How convenient is that?

maxi dress maxi

  • Flat sandals / shoes – if your spring break vacay itinerary is mostly made up of days outdoors, bring at least a pair of flat shoes or sandals. These will come in handy when your feet asks for a break from those fierce heels you decided to take along with you and wear ever so constantly. They’re also great for those outfit you’ve planned and packed that have a more relaxed and casual vibe.

flats outfit flats

  • A pair of heels – yes, you need them, too! You’ll never know if you’re going to hit the club or have dinner somewhere fancy so having a pair of heels will really come in handy. Plus, they’re a quick, great and easy way to make any outfit look fiercer and sexier, too! Even the simplest sun dress or a t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit would look stunning when worn with heels and the right accessories.

heels heels outfit

Last tip: usually, we’d advise you to go for mostly neutrals pieces of clothing items so you can mix, match and combine easier but if you love color, go all out and pack a chockfull of colorful clothes in your suitcase. Just remember to keep your accessories like bags and shoes neutral so they match anything and everything.