Spring Wardrobe Must Haves

With spring literally just a few days away, I’m sure a lot of you are already excited to go shopping for new spring clothes. As we all know, spring fashion is all about fresh, girly and feminine styles. Aside from that, there are also a lot of trends that are going to be big and hot for the season. You’ve probably already read about some of the biggest trends for spring this year but in case you missed it, here is our list of spring wardrobe must haves you should definitely get when going shopping for your spring wardrobe.

  • Chevron print clothing – chevron already debuted last year as a very popular print, not only on clothes but for accessories and home accents and décor as well. This year, the chevron print is going to be even bigger and is going to be one of the hottest trends for spring. Wearing chevron is easy. It’s a very forgiving print that flatters most body types. Mixing and matching it with other prints is just as easy since it’s one of those print designs that you could call as neutral. Make sure you don’t forget to get one or two spring clothes in chevron print when you hit the mall!

chevron outfit chevron

  • Pastel colored items – pastel colors are soft, girly and dainty which makes them perfect for spring time. Get a few couple of pastel colored spring time clothing items in case you’re on a budget. They’re easy to match with neutrals and darker colors make great anchors for them. You can also wear pastel colors with other pastel colors to get a soft and romantic look that you can wear everyday.

pastel outfit


  • Bold and bright accessories – in case you’re the type who likes everything bright and vibrant, make sure you get a piece or two of bold and bright accessories. You can use these accessories to liven up a simple outfit and you can also use them to make a statement with your whole look. Try not to go overboard when wearing bright and bold accessories because having too much going on in one outfit is never a good thing.

bright accessories bright

  • Blush colored pieces – another hot trend for spring this year is the romantic color of blush. Wear it on your clothes, you accessories, your makeup or even your nails – it doesn’t matter. This color is so versatile it can be worn however you like! It would also make a great pop of color to add to a dark or neutral outfit. Though blush is an easy color to wear, make sure that the shade you choose compliments your skin tone and doesn’t wash you out or make you look awkwardly darker.

blush blush outfit

  • A denim jacket – this is something you should definitely have in your spring wardrobe, not only because it’s stylish but because it’s something that you can actually wear all year round. For spring time, wear your denim jackets on top of cute and girly dresses to give it a casual and street style vibe. You can also wear it with shorts or skirts.

denim denim jacket