Fashionable Statement Necklaces

Make a statement and turn heads with, what else? Statement Necklaces of course! The best way to add some punch and color to an otherwise so-so outfit is by wearing a sexy statement necklace of course!

You might be wondering how to pull off big, bold and extravagant pieces without looking overdone. The main key is to keep the rest of your outfit somewhat minimal, but there’s more to it than that. Luckily, we’re going to spill the beans on that.

strapless statement necklace

Statement necklaces are necklaces for women that adds a pop of color or glam to any outfit. They are made from a variety of materials: glass, hammered metal, gemstones, beads, acrylic, plastic, shells or resins.

colorful chunky statement necklace

When dressing for a formal affair, don’t overlook the power of an elegant statement necklace to transform plain to fabulous! Just look at these celebrities and models!

fabulous statement necklaces

Add a splash of color and be the sunshine of the day by wearing over-the-top brights. Don’t be afraid to pair bright colors with other bright colors to make your outfit pop.

pretty statement necklace

 Turquoise Statement Necklace

A turquoise statement necklace goes perfectly well when paired with other bright or dark shades of outfits. The shade of turquoise just pops out! Turquoise are really in this season and you might wanna check them out too!

turquoise statement necklaceDo not ever go overboard. It will happen if you wear other giant jewelry or dress with a crazy pattern. It will eventually ruin what you are trying to achieve and you don’t want that right? Let your bold necklace shine and you’ll make the biggest statement of all.

bold statement necklace

Because of it’s size, a chunky necklace can stand on it’s own or it can look great when worn with the others as a layered necklace. Layering the statement necklace is a fun and bold move but you have to be aware of its limits as well.

layered statement necklace

Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Layered Statement Necklaces

layering necklace

Wear them with a button down shirt for work under the collar like a man’s tie, a simple t-shirt and wide legged jeans for play or a chic strappy dress to go out.

how to wear statement necklace

If you’re on a tight budget, you can always make a diy statement necklace. How to do it? It’s pretty easy! Just grab some neon cord, brooches, your handy pliers, some wire and glue and you’re all set to make a really pretty do-it-yourself statement necklace!

how to make a brooch statement necklace