Street Style Accessories You Shouldn’t Be Without this Summer

Now that summer is here, I’m pretty sure lots of you already have their summer wardrobes full to the brim with loads and loads of cute items and the latest and trendiest summer pieces. Now, we all know that an outfit is never complete until you put on your accessories, right? Finding the perfect accessories to complement your outfit can sometimes be difficult. You’ll want something that’s both fashionable and practical for everyday use, especially if you’re looking for street style accessories. Check out these street style accessories you shouldn’t be without this summer.

  • Cross body bag – summer marks the beginning of fun, lazy days out with your friends, trips to the beach, more festivals and a whole lot more road trips. For all these you need one thing: a purse that will carry all your summer essentials and free your hands so you can use them whenever you need to – be it to rock out at a music festival or to find the perfect bargain from the bargain bin at your favorite store. Go all out with the summer theme by opting for fringed ones or go for a classic style that you can wear beyond summer, it’s all up to you.

red cross body bag mini cross body bag

  • Oversized sunglasses – because those regular sunglasses just aren’t cool enough to complete your summer street style look. Wearing oversized sunglasses with anything and everything gives your outfit that instant ‘cool girl’ vibe. It makes you stylish while protecting your eyes from the harsh summer sun at the same time. Wondering what style of oversized sunglasses to go for? Well stop wondering and grab the one you fancy the most. Oversized sunnies are universally flattering so you don’t have to worry about which style suits you best.

vintage oversized sunglasses

oversized sunglasses summer outfit

  • Flower crowns – these have a strong festival feel to them but we don’t mind because for a lot of us, that’s what’s exciting about summer anyway, right? Flower crowns are on trend right now and they’re the prettiest thing you can adorn your second day messy summer hair with to instantly brighten it up and make it look more chic.

fun festival floral crowns summer flower crown outfit

  • Floppy hats – we’ve seen them on each and every celeb and model off duty’s head and quite frankly, we like it! Floppy hats are just like oversized sunglasses. They give your whole look an instant boost while also at the same time doing something for you (in this case, protecting your hair). Floppy hats don’t necessarily have to be straw hats or the kind you’d use at the beach. You could find floppy hats to go with your street style outfits in most of your favorite stores.

cute maroon floppy hat basic outfit with floppy hat

  • Neon accessories – pastel colors had their time to shine in springtime. Now that you’re gearing up for summer, put your dainty pastels to the side and bust out those loud, bold and vibrant neon colors. Too lazy to put together a really nice outfit? Don something real simple like a white tee and a pair of denim shorts and liven it up with  some neon accessories and see your outfit come to life! If you’re getting accessories for your wardrobe this summer, make sure to get one or two of them in neon!

fun neon accessories neon yellow shoes