Stunning Ways to Wear a Puffer Vest

The time has come for us to get warm and cozy in jackets, coats and vests again. Winter is here! And while we celebrate the holidays during this very cold season, let’s not forget to be stylish as well. For many women, mixing style with comfort, especially in winter, is difficult. One common problem that women face is how they can keep themselves warm while still looking drop dead gorgeous. well, if you’re having the same dilemma, why not grab yourself a nice puffer vest? It’s a fantastic way to mix both fashion and comfort without having to sacrifice a bit of one for the other. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear a puffer vest:

  • Black is best – black is such a classy color and it’s neutral as well so it goes with anything. If you’re buying yourself a puffer vest, we would strongly suggest that you get one in black. Black has a nice slimming effect which is perfect because puffer vests tend to look bulky on some body types / figures. It’s also a lot more practical to get a black puffer vest because you will be able to use along with any of your winter outfits.

black puffer cute gilet

  • Get puffer vests with sleek styles – one of the main reasons why women tend to leave out the puffer vest from their winter wardrobe is that they’re afraid of looking like the Michelin tires mascot because of the horizontal puffy lines on the vest. If this, too, is your problem then cheer up! The solution is easy and that is to look for a puffer vest with sleek designs like chevron pattern seams and flatter quilting. If you are able to get your hands on a puffer vest like this, don’t ever let it go! That puffer vest might just be your best friend all winter long.

modern sleek vest

slim quilt

  • Wear a slim bottom silhouette – nothing makes you look bigger than a big bulky top paired with an equally bulky looking bottom silhouette. To keep looking sexy in a puffer vest, keep your bottom silhouette slim and slender by wearing leggings or skinny jeans. This will create harmonious balance in your outfit and will prevent you from looking oversized.

cute puffer black gilet

  • Wear it with fur – add a hint of luxury in your outfit by wearing a puffer vest with fur trimmings or details. Some puffer vests come with a hoodie to keep your head and ears warm and most of the time, this is the area that’s covered in fur. Adding a subtle hint of fur to your puffer vest will give it that sophisticated look without having your vest looking too posh for a casual ensemble.

fur puffer fur puffer vest

  • Belt it – another way to create a sexy silhouette while wearing a puffer vest is to wear a belt with it. Some puffer vests come ready with built in belts or details that cinch the waist to make it look smaller and add curves. Others come with a tie belt around the waist like a coat or a robe. Any of these can help you look fit and gorgeous while wearing a puffer vest.

belted belted puffer vest