Style Tips Curvy Women Can Learn from Kim Kardashian

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that when it comes to styling curves, no one does it better than Kim Kardashian. The woman’s been blessed with shapely curves and she makes sure the world knows it. Yes, there were times (and there will probably be more in the future) when her outfits looked cheap and tacky but for the most part, you and I both know that this girl has some mad skills for flaunting her curves and making them look like something you would give up your diet for any day. If you have the same body type as Kim, check out these style tips curvy women can learn from Kim Kardashian.

  • Stock up on black – black is always a nice go-to color when it comes to clothes, no matter what your body type is. It makes you look slimmer and, for curvy women, it helps downplay the size of your curves, helping you achieve a more balanced silhouette. Black is also one of the easiest colors to style. You can literally mix and match it with any color and you’re sure that the outfit color palette will turn out great. Kim is often spotted wearing black from head to toe, especially off duty, and we think it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best colors to go for if you want less attention drawn in to your curves.

casual black outfit figure flattering black dress all black travel outfit

  • Top it off with a blazer – trying to downplay the size of your bust and make them less noticeable? A nice structured blazer is sure to get the job done for you. Just throw it on top of any outfit and you’re good for the day. Remember that the boxier your blazer’s silhouette is, the less your bust is going to look super curvy and big. It helps give you a more polished look.

girly floral blazer sexy white blazer and dress outfit tailored tux blazer

  • Wear heels – heels don’t only make you look and feel sexier, they boost your height as well and make you look taller which, in return, makes you look more slender. This is a great styling tip for women who are curvy and petite, just like Kim. The illusion of a stretched silhouette will help make your curves look sexier rather than unflattering and out of place.

sassy pink heels feathery high heels platform heels in nude

  • Embrace high waisted bottoms – Kim likes showing off her curves and one of the many ways that she achieves that is by wearing high waisted bottoms. High waisted bottoms are great for emphasizing the curves on your waist. Tuck your top in and you’ve got instant Kim Kardashian style.

belted high waisted pants cage crop top and high waisted skirt high waisted jeans hippie look

  • If you’ve got it flaunt it – that’s basically how Kim does it so you should, too! Curves can look awkward when you don’t acknowledge that they’re there so just embrace them and style them up. Don’t wear clothes that aren’t meant for curvy women and most definitely don’t try to hide them and make them disappear because, hey, you’re lucky to have those shapely curves!

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