Style Tips for Big Busted Women

To a lot of women who don’t have it, a big bust is something that can really feminize a look and even make it more sexy and attractive but to those who already have it, it can be the cause of problems sometimes, especially fashion related ones. Big busted women are often faced with fashion problems such as popping buttons, unintended showing of the cleavage and such. Luckily, we have these style tips for big busted women below so you can dress the girls up better. Read on and let us know if you have any more styling tips for women with big busts.

  • Wear a wrap top / dress – uniboob is a problem you usually get after a boob job but when you have a big bust, it’s easy to look like you have it even if your girls are all natural. Wearing clothes that separate your breasts / make them look separated or individualized is the solution to getting out of a uniboob rut and that what a wrap top / wrap dress is very good at. Wrap dresses make you look skinnier, too, so these are great if you want to downplay the size of your bust.

wrap dress for big bust wrap dress outfit wrap style top

  • Avoid high necklines – another tip for avoiding a uniboon is to avoid tops with high necklines such as turtlenecks. The look of being so well wrapped-up can easily give you the look of a uniboob so go with lower necklines instead but be careful not to go so low that your girls are barely covered. Something with a V-neck would be ideal.

neckline for big busted women neckline for busty women neckline low for big busted women

  • Wear proper-fitting bra – getting a bra that fits you perfectly is the first step to achieving a decent and comfortable look. Make sure that your bust doesn’t seem like it’s spilling out and beware of back fat making a mark on your silhouette, too. A proper fitting bra will not only make clothes look better on you, it will give you the support that you need for your girls as well.

proper bra for big busted women supportive bra for busty girls underwear for busty women

  • Get stretchy dresses – when it comes to looking for dresses, stretchiness is something you should be looking for. Stretchy fabric lets the dress sit better on you. It will hug your bust and your body figure so that you don’t always end up looking like you’re wearing a baby doll dress.

color block stretch dress fitted dress outfit stretchy dress outfit

  • When choosing bottoms… – another really good styling tip I have for women with a big bust is to choose bottoms carefully. You don’t want to wear anything too fitted like skinny jeans or leggings because these will just emphasize how top heavy your silhouette is. Instead, go for looser-fitting jeans and flared skirts like A-lines or full skirts or pants when you can to balance out your silhouette.

fit and flare dress flared dress outfit flared dress bottom

  • Choose boxy and structured tops – if you want to downplay your bust size, choosing boxy and structured tops is definitely the way to go. Boxy tops will hang straight down from your chest without billowing out and making your breasts look even bigger. Boxy and structured is, also and most certainly, the way to go if you’re looking for a blazer that would flatter your figure.

boxy top outfit olive jacket outfit blazer jacket outfit