Style Tips for Wearing a Tulle Skirt

There’s something about the tulle skirt that makes any woman want to slip into one. Whether it’s the ballerina in you or your seven year old self who refused to let go of your childhood dream of dancing in a cloud of fluffy tutus, there’s now a reason that you should own one, keep it in your wardrobe and, the best part of all, use it and that is because tulle skirts are on trend right now! You’ve seen them on runways and on magazines, now it’s about time you see it on YOU. Here are some styling tips we have for wearing a tulle skirt. Take the time to read through them and buy yourself a gorgeous piece after!

  • Casual edgy – if you’ve always dreamt of rocking a tulle skirt in public but never got to it because you didn’t want to look ultra feminine in any way, why not wear one and pair it with casual and edgy pieces? Take a black tulle skirt and wear it with a graphic shirt and a pair of sneakers and you’ve got yourself an outfit with an amazing balance between girly and edgy. Keep the rest of the pieces you’ll wear your tulle skirt with casual and not too dressy.

casual edgy outfit casual edgy

  • Soft and girly – now, if you’re the kind of girl who actually likes to indulge in soft, ultra feminine and dainty pieces, the tulle skirt being on trend should be heaven for you. A tulle skirt is already girly and dainty on its own but if you want to really take the girliness up a notch, the best way to go is wear soft pastel colors with it or lovely soft neutrals. This is ideal if you are looking for a romantic outfit that you can wear to a dinner date with your boyfriend / hubby.

soft and girly


  • Sexy and hip – feeling like channeling a cool, hip modern but girly look today? Take out your tulle skirt and pair it with something sexy like a corset or a crop top to get that perfect look you can wear all day and simply throw on a cool jacket for this outfit to be able to take you in to the night as well. It’s a super gorgeous look that’s fairly easy to create and pull off.a52633017577c53ab06072225af0ea31

sexy sexy ang hip

  • Street smart – take the tulle to the streets and make a street smart stylish statement with it by wearing comfy pieces like a simple shirt or a denim or chambray shirt. The combination of an every day ordinary item with the luxe tulle skirt makes a great girly outfit that you can take to the streets. With these combinations, you can wear a tulle skirt without feeling too girly and dainty. It’s also a great excuse to stock up on tulle skirts and wear them every day.

street street smart

  • Uptown luxe – if there’s one character that comes to mind when it comes to wearing tulle skirts like a pro, next to Barbie, it would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw on both the Sex and the City and The Carrie Diaries. SJP plays the role of a fashionista in the big city and she wears her tulle skirts with pearls and diamonds and other sophisticated pieces. Take inspiration from her and create your own uptown luxe look.

uptown uptown lux