Style Tips You Can Learn From Every Fashion Blogger

We’ve all got at least one famous celebrity whose sense of style and fashion we look up to. But other than those they’ve worn on the streets, most of their costumes or their outfits for the red carpet are…well, for the red carpet. And us mere mortals don’t get to wear those glamorous gowns and designer dresses every day.

That said, we look to fashion bloggers for inspirations on something ready-to-wear and very appropriate to the everyday lives that we live. From Brooke Testoni’s relaxed looks to Aussie Sara Davidson’s black, white and grey wardrobe philosophy, you’ve got millions of choices in array. And our lovely site is one of them too. (wink wink)

Here I summarize to you some great styling tips you can learn from every fashion blogger out there.

  1. Lace-up flats can instantly give a feminine chic to any outfit
    Lace-up garments are getting extremely popular these days and why not? The laces give a chic and feminine element to any outfit. I’ve tackled on lace-up tops before and now I want to show you just how lovely owning a pair of black lace-up flats would be. The result? You might be wearing a casual shirt and jeans outfit but those lace-up flats dresses it up very well.
    lace-up flats and chic blazer | Aelida
    lace-up flats and denim jeans | Aelida
  2. Try knotting your blouse
    Here are the two great things about tying your blouse into a knot that fashion blogs like taught us. First, when you’re wearing a bottom that leans more on the loose and flimsy side, then it’s better to knot your blouse rather than tucking them in as it adds to the overall looseness. Now, if your bottoms is fitting and you’re going for a relaxed look then, again, take the knot direction instead of tucking your blouse in.
    knotted white blouse and brown leather culottes | Aelida
    knotted blouse and minidress | Aelida
  3. Know how to make your graphic tops stand out
    Something to learn from fashion blogger Nicolette Mason of on the topic of making those graphic tops pop is to surround it with basic garments in neutral colors. A very ideal scenario is wearing your statement graphic top in an all-black ensemble.
    striped graphic blouse | Aelida
    galaxt printed graphic blouse | Aelida
  4. Off-shoulder top and midi skirts are great pairings
    This refreshing outfit combination is great for spring and summer. And it totally makes sense. Baring the skin around your collar bones and shoulders would be balanced out by showing less on your bottom half. Thus, midi skirts are the most flattering and wonderful pair for something as feminine as an off-shoulder top.
    off shoulder top and black leather skirt | Aelida
    off shoulder top and midi skirt | Aelida
  5. Mix your prints well
    I cannot stretch this out more often: when mixing your prints, mix them well. And most of the fashion bloggers out there agrees with me too. It’s similar with putting together all the ingredients for making a cake dough. You’ve got to mix your prints well. But in the case of your sartorial print combinations, find a common ground among your top and bottom articles of clothing and you can start with that.
    mix printed peach outfit | Aelida
    mix printed plum outfit | Aelida
  6. When layering, play up the lengths
    Let me give you the secret of how all those successful fashion bloggers could get away with an awesome layered outfit: they play up the length of their clothes. You don’t want all of the pieces of your ensemble to be of similar height. This would result to looking bulkier and heavier. Instead, play with the lengths. Try a tunic underneath a cropped top or a long cardigan over a minidress.
    mini skirt and waist jacket | Aelida
    tunic under sweater and over trousers | Aelida
  7. Sometimes, a statement bag is all you need
    Minimalist fashion is hot all over the fashion blogosphere these days with Sara Davidson of Harper & Harley as one of the front-lining fashion blogs of this monochromatic fashion style. But there are times when you want just an ounce of color. The easiest solution? Grab your most colorful bag and voila! Your simple monochromatic outfit is now centered on that statement bag.
    printed clutch | Aelida
    bright green satchel bag | Aelida
  8. Be friends with a nearby tailor
    I’ve said this more than once and I’ll say it again. Tailoring is a fashion fan’s best friend and contrary to popular belief, it’s not expensive. You’ve seen all those fashion bloggers with well-fitted outfits? That’s right, they’re friends with a tailor. So go out there and befriend the nearest tailor in your neighborhood that will understand your sartorial needs. A well-fitted trouser or top could go a long way in any outfit.
    tailored pants outfit | Aelida
    tailored patterned top outfit | Aelida
  9. Always have a little of you in your outfit
    Last but definitely not the least, always be clear on what style you have. Fashion is not just about dressing impeccably well. Fashion is an art, a way for one to express oneself. These fashion bloggers can be likened as modern artists in their own rights. And they always dress not only to impress but also to express. So if you’re into gothic fashion or Bohemian-inspired, don’t worry about it. Loving what and who you are is always the first thing you have to learn to build up your own sense of style.
    gothic-inspired outfit | Aelida
    Bohemian-inspired outfit | Aelida