Styling Oversize Sweater Ideas

Oversize sweaters are the perfect combination of cute and purposeful clothing. Although oversize sweaters tend to conceal more than accentuate your body shape, there are lots of ways that you can style this fabulous piece of clothing to make it highlight your features. An oversize sweater is great for fall and winter, especially the ones that are knitted because they can keep you super warm when the temperature starts to drop. Oversize sweaters made from more breathable fabric, on the other hand could very well find a spot in your spring closet and possibly on your list of favorites. We have gathered a few gorgeous and awesome oversize sweater ideas for styling so check them out!

  • Wear them belted – because of the size of an oversize sweater, some women find it unflattering for them to wear one especially women who have great curves to show. You can have a sexier silhouette while wearing an oversize jacket by adding a belt to your waistline. Not only does this style make you’re your curves more emphasized, it also makes the whole outfit look more polished and refined.

belted oversizeoversize sweater and belt

  • Wear them with leggings or tights – oversize sweaters can technically be considered dresses on their own which means that wearing pants underneath is totally optional. However, if you’re wearing an oversize sweater on a slightly chilly day,  you might want to consider wearing tights or leggings to keep your legs warm. A plain oversize sweater will always benefit from tight or leggings that have a nice print on them though plain and neutral ones are the perfect choice if you want to play it safe.

oversize and aztec print leggings

oversize and aztec print leggings

  • Wear them with flats – oversize sweaters are already cute on their own but you can make it even cuter when you wear flats with them. Flats are the best way to go if you want to achieve a relaxed, laidback and effortlessly chic look.cute and chic oversize sweater stylevflats and an os sweater
  • Wear them with boots – boots and an oversize sweater may seem like very likely combination and we don’t see why not. Because most oversize sweaters qualify as short dresses, boots are always a plausible partner for them. The combination of the two is perfect for any day in fall.

boots and sweaterstripe sweater n boots

  • Wear with a satchel – you’d think it doesn’t matter but what bag you wear with an oversize sweater is actually an important decision to make. If you want a convenient and hands free option that’s on trend, satchel bags are perfect for you. The long straps on satchel bags make it easy for you to wear them on your shoulder or across the body while wearing an oversize sweater.

satchel and sweatssatchel and sweater