Styling Tips for Wearing a Fur Waistcoat

For those of you who are wondering, a waistcoat is simply another term for ‘vest’. It’s a term more popularly used in the European regions and not quite as popular in America. There are lots of reasons for you to get your hands on a fur waistcoat: it’s chic, it’s elegant, it’s sophisticated and it keeps you warm during the cold seasons. It always add a touch of luxuriousness to any outfit, even to the most casual one.

Of course, there is no need to worry about issues on animal cruelty because you can always choose to purchase a faux fur waistcoat. For one, it’s more affordable and they make them real good; so good that they look exactly like the real thing. So, how do you wear a fur waistcoat? Here are some styling tips and inspirations for you:

  • Wear it to glam up a casual outfit – as mentioned above, fur waistcoats always add a touch of luxuriousness to even the most casual outfit. You can wear your regular jeans and shirt get-up and just add a fur waistcoat to instantly make your look more glamorous.

casual fur waistcoat outfitfur and denikm

  • Add a pop of color to it – you’ll find that most fur waistcoat will come in colors like black, brown, white and grey and these hues / colors can easily turn your outfit bland and boring. So to avoid that, wear your fur waistcoat with something colorful. It can be a dress, a shirt, a pair of pants, an accessory or just about anything that will give it a pop of color.

bright shirt and fur waisstcoat

colorful dress and fur vest

  • Go for old, vintage glam – recreate the old, vintage glam you used to see on TV back when you were a kid by wearing a your fur waistcoat with a pretty, elegant maxi dress that creates a dramatic movement with each stride you make. This will surely turn heads of people in awe as you walk by.

maxi dress and fur vestmaxi and fur

  • Wear it cinched and belted – if you don’t find the bulk that the fur waistcoat adds on you to be flattering, you can always cinch it by the waist and put on a belt to somehow emphasize your curves. You can wear our own favorite belt with it (leather works best) or you can buy a fur waistcoat that already has a belt built in to it.

belted fur vestbelt and fur waistcoat

  • Get the sophisticated rich girl look – if you’ve always wanted to look like those posh rich girls you see on a TV series, the fur coat may just be your best bet in replicating their look. Create a super chic, posh and sophisticated outfit by wearing your fur waistcoat with leather pants and a pair of really sleek and sexy leather boots.

leather and furleather pants  and chili