Styling Tips for Wearing an A Line Dress

An A line dress is very girly and romantic. It’s a perfect way to show your feminine side. It’s not difficult to wear an A line dress. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile styles of dresses that one can wear. An A line dress looks and works best with most body shapes and figures, especially the rectangular, oval, inverted triangle and pear body shapes. Below you will find styling tips on how you can get the most out of wearing an A line dress.

  • Wear your hair up – when wearing an A line dress, wear your hair up. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it in a ponytail, a bun, a chignon or any kind of updo as long as your hair is tied up. This is not just to make your look more polished and neat. Having your hair up while wearing an A line dress clears the silhouette of the dress and draws attention to the waist. This is great if you have sexy curves to flaunt.

aline dress aline dress outfit

  • Belt it – if you lack the curves for an A line dress to hug, don’t fret. You can still look sexy in an A line dress by creating the illusion of having sexy curves. You can do this by bringing emphasis and attention to the waist and wearing a belt with your A line dress is the best way to do this.

belted a line dress

belted a line

  • Faking height – if you’re petite and want to look a few inches taller, the best way to do this while wearing an A line dress is to wear one that hits above the knee. The flare from the A line dress and the way your legs get exposed will surely help make you look taller than you really are. Wear your dress with sky high heels to maximize the elongating effect.

short a line dress short a line dress outfit

  • Go for a corset type bodice – this styling tip applies best to full figured women. A corset type bodice will give you the support that you need while also creating a more proportioned look. The flared bottom of an  A line dress is perfect for drawing attention from the waist down to help take away attention from a large chest.

corset bodice a line dress

  • Flat shoes with an A line dress – because A line dresses have the tendency to look very dressy and sometimes even formal, you can dress it down and make it look casual by wearing flats. If you’re petite and still want 1 or two inches added to your height while sporting a casual A line dress outfit, you can go for kitten heels instead.

casual a line dress outfit casual a line dress