Styling Tricks to Live by For Looking Fab All the Time

Do you ever wonder how models, celebs and fashionistas are always so stylish, no matter if they’re off duty or on the job? At one point, I’m pretty sure most of us, if not all, have wished that we could be as stylish and as fabulous as these super gorgeous people who live as if the street is their runway every day. Some people do so much to make themselves look fashionable while some people seem to do it ever so effortlessly. Do you think that’s unfair? I think not. I think maybe the reason why some people just seem to be so naturally stylish is because they have tricks up their sleeves that they have mastered and can pull out every now and then while others live by the book with trends. Here are some styling tricks to live by for looking fab all the time.

  • Master the basics – mastering how to work with basic clothes is important. Knowing how to style a simple shirt with a cute scarf will go a long way. invest in good quality basic items like shirts, jeans, pumps and an LBD or two and make a way to make them work for you when worn on their own. You can wear them with accessories if you want something fancier or dressier or you can leave it bare to get the minimalist trend going – there are plenty of other ways to wear basics so master them and you’ll never look drab. Ever.

chic basic outfit basic tee and jeans

  • Learn how to layer – layering is another technique that you should really master if you want to look stylish every day, especially when you’re on a budget. Layering allows you to wear the same pieces more than once and come up with a different look every time. it’s an essential technique to learn and master if you want to make the most out of the things in your wardrobe.

cool layered outfit

simple layered outfit

  • Experiment with prints – prints make any piece look livelier, more fun and more interesting and one of the hottest trends today is mixing and matching different prints together in one outfit. To some, wearing floral prints with gingham might seem a bit too much but to others, it’s nothing. Experiment with prints – mix and match several different ones and discover which combinations work for you.

florals and stripes graphic and animal prints

  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on accessories – everyday ordinary girls see them as ‘just another thing to waste your money on’ but stylistas know a good set of accessories can take your style game up a notch easily and effortlessly. Having a go-to set of accessories (e.g. stud earrings, chain bracelet, a good wristwatch and perhaps a dainty necklace) is important but having other things to wear when you feel like changing it up is even more important. Just like layering, having cute accessories to go with your outfits lets you wear the same things more than once and achieve a different look each time.

color coordinated accessories accessories and jewelry

  • Develop your own personal style – do you like being garbed up in cute and frilly clothes and sexy heels? Or are you better off with a tracksuit and a pair of trainers? Whether it’s being girly and feminine or boyish and athletic or anything and everything else in between, knowing and developing your personal style is important if you want to look effortlessly stylish and fab every day. Sure, keeping up with the trends is important, too, but when trends don’t work for you, it’s good to know that you can always fall back on and look good with a personal style you’ve crafted and developed over the years.

summery chic outfit posh urban sleek